When your relationship loses its spark

Keeping the spark alive

when your relationship loses its spark

Forget the seven-year itch – the spark actually begins to fade exactly Other signs your relationship has had its "best days" include no longer. I love my husband and he feels the same, but in recent times the 'spark' seems to have gone out of our relationship. We both work and things. When my friend's seemingly happy relationship ended recently, we If a bond built on romantic and sexual attraction loses those feelings completely, the relationship it could be a sign that the relationship has lost some of its intimacy. Losing a spark between you and your partner doesn't have to be the.

Ask the expert: Our relationship has lost its ‘spark’

You have very little couple time together. Doing nice things for your husband feels like a chore. And that makes it feel like more work when you are already overwhelmed with other things to do.

when your relationship loses its spark

There are not many hugs, no little passing touches, and your hands have not held each other in who knows how long. When it comes to communicating, you no longer run to your husband with everything on your mind.

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You live parallel lives. You go about your time in the house deep in your own mind, planning and thinking about what you need to do, and not really present to his presence or engaged in any meaningful interaction. When your relationship was new, you were likely tripping over yourself to make sure he knew how much you appreciated him. You have let yourself go a little. Let me ask, what is your bed-time attire like these days?

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Do you throw on any combination of shirts and leggings and call it a day? Are you scrambling around putting on the nearest pair of socks, mismatched and all? Is your headwrap in need of a complete overhaul or replacement? I could definitely go on, but I think you get the point.

when your relationship loses its spark

I wrote this to offer you some solutions as well. And this resource is just seconds from being in your inbox! One of the most common myths about long-term relationships is that passion is only for the beginning of a relationship. But that spark will inevitably dim down and simmer, and perhaps even sizzle out altogether and disappear. How can you reconnect with the spark in a relationship? Why sparks stop flying Couples will cite countless reasons for their fire dying.

Why Relationships Lose Excitement and How To Bring Back The Flame

Usually, these reasons center around not having enough time to spend together. That might be because of long distance, seemingly incompatible work schedules or simply growing responsibilities, like dealing with children and their needs.

when your relationship loses its spark

What might have been a temporary state unconsciously becomes habit. The loss of attraction leads to decreased communication between partners, starting off a cycle of negativity that becomes one of frustration and further distance. Yet keeping the spark alive is possible.

when your relationship loses its spark

But it takes more than just scheduling a date or two to make real, lasting change in a relationship. You need to learn how to keep the spark alive in a relationship, and then consistently work alongside your partner to keep that passion ignited.

Create You have to create what you want, not just go hunting for it. To be a good partner you need to be emotionally fit and shift from wanting something to doing something. Think back to the start of your relationship: What are you willing to do now?