How to meet your favorite nba player

Who's Your Favorite NBA Player? Take This Test And We'll Tell You!

how to meet your favorite nba player

Suns fan checking in to say my favorite player of all-time is a Laker- Magic .. Before he passed, Cuban flew him to Dallas to meet the team and. Pick your favorite NBA stars in quick time and we'll reveal if you can Which legendary small forward is the better player to you? . It all started with lottery picks Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins finding their way to. It's always a sad day when one of your favorite NBA players gets drafted . Finding out that you have a passion for basketball can cause you to.

So, who would you choose; Joel Embiid or Kemba Walker? Following your dreams is never an easy thing to do, which is why a numerous amount of athletes deserve our praise.

Both Isaiah Thomas and Karl-Anthony Town worked extremely hard to make it, and they're still working to keep it every single day. Finding out that you have a passion for basketball can cause you to enroll yourself into your high school team. However, by this time, young NBA players are already in the making. Who do you prefer; Kristaps Porzingis or Gordon Hayward? You don't need to shoot for the stars to become an NBA player.

No, you just need to shoot for the net. A real NBA fan will hold their breath momentarily every time a player shoots for the point. Most NBA players went through a lot to get to where they are today. With this in mind, many of us choose to celebrate our athletes instead of criticizing them on the daily. Regardless of this, we still need you to choose your favorite.

While it may be fun to choose our favorite NBA players amongst the grain, it's always a good idea to celebrate our favorite NBA teams as a whole. After answering these question, we'll reveal what your favorite NBA team is.

Dwight Howard Marc Gasol 20C. McCollum or Victor Oladipo? Some people find it hard to push their bodies to the limit and then back again. These people tend to stay far away from a career in sports. McCollum and Victor Oladipo aren't afraid of a challenge.

When Dirk Nowitzki and Nikola Jokic score a point or two, they aren't going to hide their contentment. Instead, they will run around the court with their arms and mouths wide open. Which one of these players is your favorite? These two players have been ripping up the court for as long as we can remember. Who's your favorite player? Choosing between your favorite ice cream flavors can be one of the worst experiences you ever encounter. You know what's worse tho? Choosing between Rudy Gobert and Jaylen Brown — that's what!

Which one of these NBA players is your favorite? With so much choice in this world, it's a wonder that we're still looking for things to choose from. Regardless of this, many of us choose to make choices every single day. Well, how's this one for a change?

how to meet your favorite nba player

Ben Simmons or Goran Dragic? When you woke up this morning, did you have any idea that you would eventually be asked to complete the hardest quiz of all time? If so, you're somewhat of a seer. Can you choose between Al Horford and Eric Bledsoe? You know you're going to have a hard time coming up with an answer when someone asks you to choose between Paul Millsap and Eric Gordon.

Choosing between these amazing NBA players is not an easy thing to do. So take your time! A large number of people grow up wanting to become an NBA player. However, only a small portion of people actually reach this goal. Both Andre Iguodala and Manu Ginobili managed to achieve their dreams. But now, you must choose against them.

You know an NBA player shows promise when they aren't afraid to pass the ball to their teammate.


While scoring a goal is always a fun time, sometimes, you need to pass the ball to win. So, Vince Carter or Avery Bradley? The days leading up to a game can be extremely stressful, which is why athletes tend to practice their sport more than ever. If you had to choose a player to play on your team, who would it be? Jayson Tatum or J. You know you're in for a treat when you see these two players going head to head.

While many people tend to consider these players an even match, this doesn't mean that you won't like one more than you do the other. Mike Conley or Zach LaVine? Choosing between two people is never an easy thing to do.

However, this task can become even more difficult when two amazing athletes are involved. You know a game is going to be off the walls when players like Pau Gasol and Jabari Parker are on the court. While both these NBA players have a very different style, they also happen to have a very similar goal. We are witnessing a level of athleticism that is giving us incredible action consistently.

how to meet your favorite nba player

LeBron James is the face of the league and arguably the most athletic star in league history up to this point. However, new stars are coming in to push the envelope and add a new level of competition with stars in their early 20s being big time already.

Every NBA fan likes to consider their mind for the sport to be intelligent. Fans often claim that they can run teams better than the general managers and coaches of their favorite teams.

how to meet your favorite nba player

We would all like to believe we have the answer to issues that NBA teams currently face as only a handful of teams are contending for an NBA Championship.

This quiz will test your specific knowledge when it comes to running a franchise. You will be tasked with choosing between two current NBA superstars. At the end of the quiz, we are going to look at the results to assess your opinion on NBA talent. Find out if you have what it takes to run an NBA team. Which legendary small forward is the better player to you? The point guard position has become the most important in the NBA today. Most contenders have a superstar point guard running their offense with the ability to score, pass and shoot.

Curry dominates with shooting and Westbrook dunks with authority. Which style of point guard do you prefer here? Russell Westbrook Stephen Curry 3Who do you pick?

how to meet your favorite nba player

The Los Angeles Lakers drafted both point guards pictured here in the lottery in recent years. Controversy followed them both for various reasons in their early career.

Which point guard is better? Antetokounmpo and DeRozan are going to be the faces of their respective franchises for the foreseeable future. Who would you take on your team? The strengths of each star are completely different to add a separate dynamic. Which superstar is the better player? James Harden Kawhi Leonard 6Who do you pick? The Knicks decided it was time to build the franchise around Porzingis rather than keeping Anthony around.

Which of these two talented stars would you pick right now? Carmelo Anthony Kristaps Porzingis 7Who do you pick? The New Orleans Pelicans are in a unique situation right now.

However, Cousins and Davis are leading the team to a mediocre record. New Orleans will have to eventually pick one of the two. Would you keep Davis or Cousins? Boston developed an intense rivalry with the Washington Wizards last season.

Irving and Wall will now have extra pride on the line when facing each other. Which All-Star point guard would you take over the other?

Kyrie Irving John Wall 9Who do you pick? Gasol has proved his credibility after a few years of great play.

Pick Your Favorite NBA Stars And We'll Reveal If You Can Run A Team

Embiid is still relatively new on the scene but has shaken things up in Philadelphia. Who do you think is the better player?

Marc Gasol Joel Embiid 10Who do you pick? Another pair of dynamic point guards now focus on the Western Conference. Damian Lillard is now entering his prime and wants to build a contender with the Portland Trail Blazers. Which of the two point guards do you prefer? Chris Paul Damian Lillard 11Who do you pick? Both rosters are so deep that you forget how many great players they have.

Klay Thompson and Isaiah Thomas could be MVP candidates on other teams but are just considered secondary superstars on their current squads.

Who is the better player? Klay Thompson Isaiah Thomas 12Who do you pick? The recent NBA offseason in gave us one of the most fascinating times when it came to shocking trades. George and Butler are hoping to find a way to lead their teams into contention in the Western Conference.