Scalextric grand prix track meet

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scalextric grand prix track meet

SCALEXTRIC Set C F1 Grand Prix Williams Massa v McLaren Alonso .. with a UK transformer, Space Required: x cm, Track Length: cm. The fabulous Ferrari and the brilliant Benetton meet on the Grand Prix's starting Scalextric Grand Prix Slot Car Track Gun Controller Set Of 2 New Never Used. See more ideas about Slot car tracks, Slot cars and Track. Racing News, Nascar, Race Cars, Layouts, Track, Drag Race Cars, Runway, Truck, Track And Field . It hosted the Formula One United States Grand Prix in and The circuit.

We carry two high quality slot car brands: Carrera, which tends to appeal to younger racers, and Scalextric Sport, which attracts an older audience and enthusiasts. With an analog set—the sort that has been around for half a century—you can only race as many cars as you have lanes. Your controller adjusts the current sent to the track lane, which speeds up and slows down the car in that particular lane. With a digital setup, the controller is programmed to control the car itself.

Digital sets have crossover sections that allow you to switch from lane to lane for passing, blocking, and overtaking. These tracks also support more cars, so that three or four with some sets, up to six people can race at the same time.

How old are your racers? I do not recommend slot-car racing for very young children. Ideally, a child should be eight or older, and certainly no younger than six or seven. Eight might even be pushing it for the more technical demands of an advanced Scalextric set. You need a good deal of skill and finesse to navigate the track, especially around turns, and practice is absolutely necessary.

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They will hop out of the slot and skitter away. If there were no skill involved, you would get bored pretty quickly. For the most part, a child younger than 8 simply lacks the dexterity and coordination to grasp the finer points of adjusting speed to stay on track, and may not have the patience to put in the necessary practice. Where will you put your track? The three-dimensional, hands-on, physicality of slot racing is great, but this does mean that you need space to dedicate to your layout.

scalextric grand prix track meet

Even the smallest tracks are several feet across. How often will you be racing? It's not a good idea to set up the track, race a few laps, and then pack it away again. The tracks are designed to be assembled and disassembled without too much effort, but only infrequently.

Formula 1 US Grand Prix Circuit of the Americas Austin slot car track

Pulling track pieces apart is usually a little tougher than clipping them together, and can require a good deal of force. Repeated assembly and disassembly will also eventually wear and loosen the connectors, when what you want is a snug fit.

Your best option is to set up the track in a place where it can be left out, ideally on a table or platform of some sort. Take it apart only when you want to add to or modify the layout. Carrera Carrera has two product lines: Sets and accessories are modestly priced, too.

scalextric grand prix track meet

Digital Digital is more advanced, and pricier. Digital cars, for instance, are about double the cost of analog. However, if this is the first track, starting with a digital set can be a good investment, because upgrading from analog to digital requires a bunch of new equipment, including a new powerbase, new cars, and some lane-changing track. Scalex was very successful: Later cars also featured a steerable front axle which could be set at an angle and the cars would then run in an arc.

In the late s, Micro Scalextric at 1: Cars and track are not compatible between scales. At the beginning of the 21st century, Scalextric track underwent a major redesign to make it easier to assemble. The new design is known as Scalextric Sport and can be connected to the original track using special adaptor pieces. The new track was designed to be compatible with all earlier 1: Many other manufacturers, including the likes of Fly, Slot.

In Scalextric Sport Digital SSD was introduced, with which up to four digital cars can be raced in a single slot. The cars can change from one slot to another using special slot-lane change tracks, the lane change or otherwise being controlled by a button on the throttle.

Sport Digital cars will run on analogue layouts without modification, but analogue cars require a digital decoder to be installed before they can run on a digital layout. Performance of converted cars on a digital system can vary, but enthusiasts have been able to successfully convert a wide range of cars, both from Scalextric and other brands.

As use of Scalextric Digital has increased, a community has established itself where users have developed enhanced powerbase functionality, fuel management and timing systems for increased realism.


To convert Scalextric Sport into Scalextric Digital requires a digital power base, power supply transformerlane changing track to utilise the full benefitsand digital controllers. In late Scalextric released a revised six-car digital powerbase, C This powerbase includes a separate screen which aids set up and also displays race information such as lap times.

The company worked closely with customers when developing the new system. The result includes features such as yellow flag options for dealing with crashed cars, ghost cars to race against which can run and change lanes automatically, and the ability to race in analogue mode for older models that have not been converted to digital. In Spain, Hornby Scalextric is marketed under the brand Superslot, as the Scalextric brand is owned there by Tecnitoyswhose products are sold internationally under the SCX brand.

Whilst there are some common standards, parts of the two ranges, particularly in their digital offerings, are not compatible.

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Sets[ edit ] Scalextric is typically sold as a set containing enough track to make a circuit, the necessary power supply and throttles and two cars. A number of novelty sets have been produced; for example, horse racing sets and degree sets.

The latter, produced sporadically since the s, have a specially made guide that enables the car to run back the way it has come by spinning through degrees. TV and film licensing[ edit ] Since the s Scalextric have offered TV and film tie-insbeginning with the now rare and valuable James Bond set featuring an Aston Martin with multiple action features as shown in the film Goldfinger.

Even the 'baddie' car in this set, a Mercedes, had action features of its own whilst the set also sported many other unique action points and props.

It was some time before Scalextric returned to licensing in the s first with The Amazing Spider-Man the s serieswhich had specially liveried TR7 cars and white track. Scalextric also produced a The Dukes of Hazzard General Lee car and more recently a twin car pack with licensing from the Fast and the Furious film franchise.

Scalextric Track Layouts

Scalextric has also recently licensed the Need for Speed brand from Electronic Arts and has produced a set based on the popular video game series. On 22 Novemberthieves stole 2, Simpsons Scalextric sets from the back of a lorry which was parked near services on the M2 motorway in England.

Track[ edit ] Standard track consists of straights of various lengths and corners of different radii and degree of turn. Special track includes several different styles of chicane, cross-over tracks, crossroad track and humpback bridge. Novelty pieces of track have included pit lane tracks, Le Mans start, blow-out track and loop-the-loop tracks.

Original Scalextric Track Mk. This was made from rubber with thin, vertical electrical connectors, and held together with separate metal clips. This track had white lines between the lanes. Track produced during the 'Minimodels era' was slightly glossy and curved sections had side protrusions to allow for the attachment of the supplied crash barrier. Later 'Triang era' Mk 1 track dispensed with these, possibly because they thwarted future additions like outer radius curves.