Reinventing the sino american relationship

Reinventing the Sino-American Relationship

reinventing the sino american relationship

Mao, Truman and the Birth of Modern China, power and things not only changed radically within China, but also for Chinese-American relations. . The relationship, always a difficult one, once again begs reinvention. Reinventing the Sino-American Relationship. Author(s): Michael Spence. Date: Apr 23, Theme(s): Uncategorized. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to. REINVENTING US-CHINA COLLABORATION FOR A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT .. A deep and rich US-China relationship is key to ensuring continued.

Even though one might say it is an unlikely scenario given the interests of the member countries to improve their infrastructure for better connectivity, it would give burgeoning power to Asean in some ways if used cleverly.

The Future of U.S.-China Relations: A Debate

After years of increasing assertiveness, including the refusal to acknowledge the ruling from the Permanent Court of Arbitration, China nonetheless displayed its goodwill to follow the code of conduct in resolving the South China Sea dispute at the Asean Summit in Manila this year. Asean likewise needs to realise that this is the right timing to garner a smarter approach in dealing with Beijing.

While the Asean-Sino relationship is cosy at the government-to-government level, there has been anti-Chinese public sentiment rising in some Asean countries where China are widely seen as exploiting local natural resources without giving much benefit back to the local communities.

reinventing the sino american relationship

Chinese companies are also accused of sapping the competitiveness of local manufacturing potential and businesses. They are also heavily criticised for their scant attention given towards local employment and technological transfers.

Asean leaders, thus, should double down their efforts in urging China and its businesses to adhere to responsible practices. In fact, Beijing is aware of the Sinophobic attitude that can be found around the region.

How a Sino-US relationship reset would help make America great again | South China Morning Post

China has lately been focusing more on sustainability activities through corporate social responsibility in engaging with developing countries, including those in Asean. The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank initiative has the promulgation environment and social framework. As a non-negotiable price, Asean leaders thus should press the Chinese government and Chinese companies to be socially responsible when it comes to operating trade and businesses.

reinventing the sino american relationship

The commitment of Asean to improve its competitiveness is also critical. The countries, especially the non-founding ones, should accelerate stimulating local economic activities to produce value-added commodities while strengthening the manufacturing sector for local consumption.

The region should aim to develop made-in-Asean products to compete with those made in China.

Reinventing the Sino-American Relationship

Asean countries, at the same time, need to tackle corruption and promote good governance. Most importantly, Asean leaders need to strike a balance between regional and national interests should they expect the regional grouping to become a respectable peer of China.

A 30 per cent tariff has been imposed on Chinese solar panelsan ominous first salvo of what could escalate into a trade war.

A storm seems to be gathering in US-China relations. Even its own avowed benign behaviour has not prevented smaller neighbours from hedging strategically. Paradoxically, a stronger China may well offer greater opportunities to keep America safer and more prosperous. Trump once said the US should have kept the oil in what turned out to be an unproductive war in Iraq.

Reinventing the Asean-Sino relationship | Dhaka Tribune

Nevertheless, even with geopolitical rivalry with China, there are ways for America to gain. China is therefore unlikely to disrupt the normal flow of civilian and commercial navigation.

reinventing the sino american relationship

The US could also explore jointly developing with China and other countries the vast energy reserves in the South China Seasubject to environmental safeguards. A US-China joint initiative for sustainable fisheries management would do wonders in minimising regional conflict, while adding to the soft power of both countries.

reinventing the sino american relationship

China has recently removed foreign investment restrictions in a host of industries and services. According to a McKinsey report, China investment opportunities in include the middle-class consumer marketthe digital economyelectric vehiclesthe green economypharmaceuticalswealth and asset managementand other financial services. This would enable it to set an example in good corporate governance including transparency, accountability and sustainability.