Leon the professional matilda relationship trust

Thoughts on Stuff: Leon: The Professional and Mathilda: The Amateur

leon the professional matilda relationship trust

Leon The Professional is an extraordinary action thriller film, written and directed by Luc Besson. With a wonderful story of love and trust, and the incredible got a totally different perspective of the relationship between the peculiar duo. I started looking at Leon and Mathilda in a completely new light. Reno claimed that, for Léon, the possibility of a physical relationship with Mathilda is not even conceivable and during the sequences when. Particularly given that it's about Mathilda's feelings for Leon, rather than the other . She finds a "saviour" in Leon, and this leads to trust, which leads to in most cases ends up being a unhealthy relationship with a boyfriend.

If we're talking about banning, or otherwise restricting films whose content might be deemed to be attractive to pedophiles then I would have to strongly disagree.

leon the professional matilda relationship trust

Firstly it's an outrageous breach of a filmmaker's freedom of speech; secondly it's a stupid idea because I'm pretty certain that pedophiles get hard over depictions of children in completely non-sexual situations, which means you'd basically have to ban all depicitions of legal minors in any format, which would obviously be crazy. And as for suggesting that those who would "defend" films like "Leon," which might very well inflame the passions of pedophiles, are hinting that they are pedophiles themselves, the only sensible reply is: Edgar Alan Pooh Tribus: Punching people in the face is asking for it.

May 26, Posted: Wed May 22, I feel I may not have been clear enough in my initial post. He wants to distance himself, but though he can't admit it until the end, he loves her too. The question one could ponder forever is, does that love go beyond concern and into the romantic arena?

20 years later, "Léon: The Professional" is still one of Luc Besson's best - The Spread

I would say no, I think Leon's moral code is so strict, and he so naive, that he would never even see her in a sexual way, and that's why her assertion that she loves him is so disconcerting. He had never considered that element of their relationship, and it makes relations more strained between the two of them in the second half.

leon the professional matilda relationship trust

One really frustrating scene for me, another 'stereotypical black female moviegoer' moment is when Mathilda tells the hotel clerk that Leon is her lover.

How could she do that to Leon? It frustrates me so much, because I don't want to see him put in that situation. Just the fact that the movie can get me so worked up makes me know it's a great film. A lot of directors will create these arbitrary attempts to bring tension to events, but Besson knows that it's better to just let it develop out of character interactions.

leon the professional matilda relationship trust

There's no artificially imposed problems that create action scenes, everything comes out of the actions of Mathilda and Leon. The scene in which Mathilda and Leon sleep together but not in that way is really beautiful. It says so much about how he's changed that he allows himself the comfort to let down his guard and just be happy for once.

It's probably the first time he let himself do that since his girlfriend back home died. What Mathilda does for Leon is reintroduce him to the human world.

leon the professional matilda relationship trust

It's almost like a Tim Burton movie, where this outsider who can't find his way into the world gets assisted into it by a kindly person. Leon is ultimately humanized, and at the end, he chooses Mathilda's safety over his own, and thus, we see how his priorities have changed over the course of the film.

At the beginning, he was contemplating killing Mathilda himself, but now at the end, he places her life way above his.

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If he can get her out, he's happy, and in the end, despite the fact that he's dying, he's glad because he has given Mathilda what she wanted, her revenge. But, he also gave her more than that. Much like Mathilda helps Leon overcome a personal tragedy, he does the same for her. His simple kindness and giving is what allows her to move on from her bad past, and at the end of the film, make a new start for herself.

Leon was more of a father to her in the four weeks they spent together than her real father was in the twelve years they spent together. I really like the ending of the film. When she speaks to the woman running the school, she uses the same language she used when first approaching Leon, and the chance is there for a similar relationship.

With a wonderful story of love and trust, and the incredible performances by Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, and our girl Natalie to back it up; Leon The Professional is a one of a kind film.

leon the professional matilda relationship trust

Later, when I watched it again at an older age, I kept getting the same feeling about it. I liked the film because to me, it was beautiful the way Leon wanted to protect Mathilda so much, like a father, even when she was a stranger to him.

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The lead characters are in love but the man is reluctant to go further with the relationship because of the considerable difference in age between the two. He is later convinced to let go of his prejudice by the young girl the object of his affection who compares their love as theirs being the same to the love between Leon and Mathilda.

That theory definitely got me thinking. I started looking at Leon and Mathilda in a completely new light. Luckily for me, I have the extended version, and after watching it tonight, I have come to a conclusion; it definitely has all the clear implications of a romantic love between the two leads. Who has not seen Leon The Professional?

In “Léon: The Professional,” how are sexual and mature concepts presented between the characters

The story of Leon is a sad but wonderful story of love. Leon is clearly reluctant to let her in the apartment, but eventually opens the door for the frighten Mathilda. Leon says no, even if she pays him.