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Whether it has to do with scrapped storylines, relationships between cast members, or casting secrets, Suits has had a whole bunch of secrets. Suits - Slash Pairing - Harvey Specter and Mike Ross - Ship: Marvey | See more ideas about Lungsod, Backgrounds and Suits - Harvey Specter x Mike Ross - Marvey Mike Ross Suits, Mike Harvey, Love/hate relationship Life Quotes, Art Qoutes, Quotations, Happy Quotes, Best .. Find out in this personality quiz!. Suits provides not only comedy but also witty drama that drills deep into Specter Litt law firm, their tangled relationships and unending power.

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  • Suits star Gabriel Macht doesn't know why everyone loves Harvey Specter

Mike had been making his living as a bike messenger and by taking the LSAT exam for others for money. Now working in a different high-stakes environment, Mike has to find his way around the firm with no one to show him the ropes. Interests… weed and fast food. Relationship Status… single, with prospects.

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There has always been energy between Mike and Jenny, the girlfriend of his friend now ex-friend Trevor. Starting out at Pearson Hardman, Mike quickly found chemistry with Rachel Zane, a paralegal at the firm. Personality… extremely clever — both in test-taking and the street-smart senses. Mike can be a rogue, but is more compassionate than his boss-slash-colleague, Harvey. Mike has character, yet can still match Harvey comeback for comeback.

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See our top-ranked characters and read their profiles. Over the course of the show's seven seasons, Mike's secrets have become made known and writ large, including a jail stint that left viewers everywhere wondering just what could possibly happen next -- and if there was anything the series wasn't willing to do. Video shared with Radar Online in July purports to show an angry, profanity-laden confrontation between the actor and nightclub security, with onlookers even referring to the actor as his character's name in the background.

Regardless of whatever happened at the nightclub that night, nothing ever came of this alleged incident beyond this one eye witness video. Markle and Engelson had been together sincebut inthe longtime couple ultimately called it quits and filed for divorce.

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However, what's slightly less common, and always more adorable because of that fact, is when actors get to play opposite their spouses in a recurring role. In the second season of Suits, the series introduced a woman from Harvey's past -- Zoe Lawford -- with whom he'd always had a complicated, romantically fraught relationship.

It always boiled down to bad timing for the two of them, who clearly cared deeply for one another, but were never able to make it work.

The chemistry between Harvey and Zoe was effortless and natural, sparking off the screen unlike anything else the show had explored. For good reason, it turns out, as Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett have been married for over a decade. Other times, directors and producers will list some of the talent they screened for certain characters, giving fans everywhere the opportunity to wonder what could've been.