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45 best ◇Sneakerhead◇ images on Pinterest in | Nike shoes, Nike boots and Nike tennis

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Ok so last week I made my move on a specky girl from my company that boards the same shuttle as me a few times. Approached her when we got down the bus to the bus stop little did i know there were ppl she knew looking at us, more on that later After a week of chatting, managed to get her to meet up today at Jurong East.

I decided that we should try out Gochi So Shokudo at Westgate, which just opened last week. She is quite chatty during our dinner of Iberico pork donburi, talked alot about our work at the same coy and also our part time studies stuffs, we even had sapporo beer. She seemed very easy going type offline, totally different from her whatapps persona of being snarky and hard to get her to meetup.

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When we were ordering at counter this place no service chargeshe even fished out her credit card to pay for the pork donburis at first before I could do it. After seeing that, I decided I had to pay for something else so I asked if we should have alcohol, she agreed so I settled the sapporo beer. Next, since we were near IMM and has 1. I wanted to check out the New Balances which I had been eyeing online. Tried them out and she gave me useful suggestions on size and colour.

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She is also abit of a sneakerhead bought 8 sneakers from US when she was there last time. Wearable technologies and personal trackers have become quotidian standards; we measure heart rates when we run and navigate cities by GPS when we drive. The distinction between human and technology blurs.

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Once a preserve of privacy, the home is now a broadcasting station from which we share our lives through social media. How will technology affect the places we gather collectively to make decisions? In a world where people crowdfund everything from bicycles to bridges, or leak government secrets and generate new currencies, does democracy still work? The top-down strategies of an increasingly small number of companies and governments, versus the bottom-up tactics of a rising mass of people — which will thrive?

Should the planet be a design project? Now that our behaviour has unintentionally designed the Earth, can we use technology to reverse the effects and clean, repair or give back to the planet?

Some are looking for solutions in the stars — designing satellites that scope asteroids for mining new geological resources and devising ways for us to inhabit Mars. But if Mars is the answer, what is the question?

45 best ◇Sneakerhead◇ images on Pinterest in | Nike shoes, Nike boots and Nike tennis

Can we still save our planet, or is it time to leave? Who wants to live forever? Current advancements in biotechnology and artificial intelligence have the potential to redefine our conceptions of what life is.