2 of wands tarot relationship

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2 of wands tarot relationship

Two is the number of balance, choices, and togetherness. Wands is the suit of fire , passion, and action. When the Two of Wands Tarot card shows its face in your. I get this card frequently when I am asking about the person with whom I have a relationship. The trouble is I find it difficult interpreting this card. There is a duality in the Two of Wands that refers to doing a job well and then seeing the benefits. The man on the Two of Wands card is looking out over a great.

2 of wands tarot relationship

It just indicates that he has plans, and he has back-up plans. He has a vision.

The Two of Wands Tarot Card

He has a strategy, therefore a strategic person just like the Knight of Swords. The Two of Wands tarot takes the inspiration and the idea to make them into an actual plan.

2 of wands tarot relationship

It is right there, ready to be executed, and awaiting your direction. The Two of Wands tarot also represents discoveries.

2 of Wands as a couple

You will be stepping out of your comfort zone, exploring new places, and creating new experiences. The Two of Wands tarot indicates that you are considering starting on your long term goals, and you are laying out all of your plans to achieve them.

You may also be considering traveling overseas for study or work, or even just for a change of environment. The world is vast and there are so many things that you can try and can be. You have to make your world bigger, and your experiences more meaningful.

2 of wands tarot relationship

And to be able to do that, you must leave the safety of home and explore an exciting new place. The Two of Wands tarot represents that you are set on your plans and unwavering in your intent. Two of Wands Tarot and Love When it comes to love and relationships, the Two of Wands tarot indicates that you possess the skills needed to make your dreams come true. Depending on the condition of your relationship with your partner, this can mean a bad relationship turning better, or reaching a compromise, or finding something in common, or finally doing something that has always scared you or held you back.

The Two of Wands tarot wants you to know that relationships must always strike a balance.

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It should be secure but never stifling, free but never disconnected, strong but never hardened. In a love reading, the Two of Wands tarot also signifies interest. They decided to marry to take up that Wand, as it were not out of love or passion, however, but out of shared ambitions and higher goals.

They made a commitment to each other because they wanted something great and glorious, and they knew it could not happen without each other. Did you ever see the movie or musical "Camelot"? I think it's presents this idea very well.

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Arthur tells Guinevere his dreams for his Kingdom, a place where people think of right and justice and there is peace and prosperity. And she is captured by that idea of a glorious, wonderful Kingdom.

And he knows that with her at his side, he can do it. And without he, he may not be able to do it.

2 of wands tarot relationship

So they marry for the ideal. This is commitment to a passionate idea, a choice made for some great ambition. That is not a bad basis for an excellent partnership.