Relationship with coworkers for teachers

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relationship with coworkers for teachers

Developing positive relationships with colleagues can be rewarding, but in today's highly demanding education atmosphere, teachers may find themselves. Student-teacher relationships are incredibly important, but as educators we also need to reflect on how we treat and talk about our colleagues. Have you had the chance to form relationships with your coworkers? Real, meaningful relationships are what make the teaching professional.

relationship with coworkers for teachers

If you are new, talk with your principal about how to prioritize grades. I may also give examples of how to rephrase common teacher language to be more effective for that student. Recess Queen I am usually out at recess a few times a week because I find that it is ripe for teachable moments for my students who struggle with social skills.

A couple times a month, I offer to run a recess game for a teacher during their classroom or grade level recess. I find this often inspires them to be more involved in recess. Choose team building games. Read Aloud Go in and do a read-aloud lesson for them. My newest favorite is Where Oliver Fits. Connect on Social Media Our face-to-face connections during the workday are priceless, but we can expand on those even further when we engage with colleagues through social media.

Consider sharing thoughts and links with colleagues via Twitter.

NEA - Building Positive Relationships with Fellow Educators

Take your relationship to the digital level where you can share more materials and more thoughts than you might during your normal school hours. Work on Something Together The advantage to doing something alone is that we get it done our way, on our schedule.

But let that go and invite others into your task. You feel good when you personally accomplish something. Sharing time together — especially over some food — is a great way to reinforce the bonds you have.

relationship with coworkers for teachers

Talk about school, vent about problems, laugh about mistakes, talk about families, hobbies, and dreams. Be a part of the social conversation that is going on at your school.

Building Positive Relationships with Fellow Educators

Even just by showing up, your presence communicates you care about the other people who are there. Also, find a creative way to acknowledge summer and holiday birthdays, too.

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Superstar, listen like you care. Avoid the temptation to see a caricature and determine instead to connect with a real person. Contribute something positive to their story.

Test your ability to be compassionate, even when your coworker seems to be stuck in a repeating vine.

6 Ways to Build Relationships with Teachers

Empathy and understanding are game changers in any profession. Share Something Positive When my son entered middle school, where I teach, he was welcomed warmly and treated with great care by my colleagues.

At a staff meeting early in the year, I stood up and shared how much I appreciated how they had made him feel special. Each of us faces situations where we could determine to say something positive.

relationship with coworkers for teachers

If we look for opportunities to thank or recognize our colleagues, we will be doing our part to strengthen relationships and improve climate. If you have a rocky relationship with a colleague, publicly sharing something positive can be a first step toward mending the rift. I know how much hard work that took. Show Up to Social Events Like any organization, there are social events planned throughout the school year.

Teachers and administrators plan barbecues and golf tournaments, participate in holiday gatherings, attend retirement parties and baby showers. These may not seem very important, but our presence says as much, or more, as our absence when it comes to these events. Turned out I was the only male in attendance.