Entity relationship diagram for online examination system report

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entity relationship diagram for online examination system report

A Entity Relationship Diagram showing Online Examination System. Diagram using Creately diagramming tool and include in your report/presentation/website. Online Examination CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that this report embodies the Online Examination E-R Diagram User name Password. INTRODUCTION Online Examination System forms the lifeline of the Data Dictionary; Entity Relationship Diagram; Data Flow Diagram.

entity relationship diagram for online examination system report

This testing test low-level unit then works up hierarchy. Its advantages and disadvantages of bottom-up mirror those of top-down. In this testing there is need to write test drivers for each unit. These are as reusable as the unit itself. Combining top-down development with bottom-up testing means that all parts of system must be implemented before testing can begin, therefore does not accord with incremental approach discussed above.

Bottom-up testing less likely to reveal architectural faults early on. However, bottom-up testing of critical low-level components is almost always necessary. Appropriate for OO systems.

entity relationship diagram for online examination system report

Plan tests to increase load incrementally. Process — Run first system, saving test case results. Run second system, also saving its results. Both systems may have made the same mistake. Defect testing is not intended to show that a program meets its specification. Exhaustive testing is not always practicable.

entity relationship diagram for online examination system report

Subset has to be defined this should be part of the test plan, not left to the individual programmer. Test capabilities rather than components e. Test old in preference to new users less effected by failure of new capabilities.

Test typical cases rather than boundary ones ensure normal operation works properly.

entity relationship diagram for online examination system report

Three approaches to defect testing. Each is most appropriate to different types of component. Studies show that black box testing is more effective in discovering faults than white-box testing.

However, the rate of fault detection faults detected per unit time was similar for each approach. Testing against specification of system or component.


Study it by examining its inputs and related outputs. Key is to devise inputs that have a higher likelihood of causing outputs that reveal the presence of defects. Use experience and knowledge of domain to identify such test cases.

entity relationship diagram for online examination system report

Failing this a systematic approach may be necessary. Equivalence partitioning is where the input to a program falls into a number of classes. Programs normally behave the same way for each member of a class. Partitions exist for both input and output. Partitions may be discrete or overlap. Test cases are chosen to exercise each portion. Also test boundary cases atypical, extreme, zero since these frequently show up defects.

For completeness, test all combinations of partitions.

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Black box testing should not be used to try and reveal corruption defects caused, for example, by assigning a pointer to point to an object of the wrong type. Static inspection or using a better programming language! Advantage is that structure of code can be used to find out how many test case need to be performed. Knowledge of the algorithm examination of the code can be used to identify the equivalence partitions.

Path testing is where the tester aims to exercise every independent execution path through the component. All conditional statements tested for both true and false cases. Screen Shots Of Form 21 9. The purpose of on-line test simulator is to take online test in an efficient manner and no time wasting for checking the paper.

The main objective of on-line test simulator is to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves lot of time but also gives fast results. For students they give papers according to their convenience and time and there is no need of using extra thing like paper, pen etc. Scope of this project is very broad in terms of other manually taking exams. Few of them are: But in this project there is only one login id i.

Hence it is more secure and reliable than previously used on-line test simulators.

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Test page is the most creative and important page in this project. It consists of 2 modules namely: HTML Back end as: Microsoft access Querying language: This part of feasibility study gives the top management the economic justification for the new system.

This is an important input to the management the management, because very often the top management does not like to get confounded by the various technicalities that bound to be associated with a project of this kind.

A simple economic analysis that gives the actual comparison of costs and benefits is much more meaningful in such cases. In the system, the organization is most satisfied by economic feasibility. Because, if the organization implements this system, it need not require any additional hardware resources as well as it will be saving lot of time.

According to feasibility analysis procedure the technical feasibility of the system is analyzed and the technical requirements such as software facilities, procedure, inputs are identified. It is also one of the important phases of the system development activities.

Online Examination System ( Entity Relationship Diagram)

The system offers greater levels of user friendliness combined with greater processing speed. Therefore, the cost of maintenance can be reduced. Since, processing speed is very high and the work is reduced in the maintenance point of view management convince that the project is operationally feasible. An estimate should be made of how strong the user is likely to move towards the development of computerized system.

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These are various levels of users in order to ensure proper authentication and authorization and security of sensitive data of the organization. Processing the test paper i.

Field name Data Type Description 1. User name Text Store user name for checking correct username 2.