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Hexagram 35 & relationships

I Ching Reference: Hexagram # This fortunate hexagram suggests open- heartedness, unity, nourishment, and transcendence of relationship problems. When the sun rises a new day begins, bringing activity, relationships and growth. issue – huge life/job/location change, resulted in Hexagram 56, changing to 35 . but am struggling to understand or grasp the essence of the guidance I am. Questions on I Ching readings/interpretations welcome. about relationship with a lot of stuff, the hexagram will provide yoi the best opinion they have images and judgement to advice people how to guess and predict stuff.

Changes in Line 2 "Transforming Fear" The wise person welcomes any challenges that accompany times of growth. All challenges are to be embraced. In this way they will be transformed. Your sense of confidence and inner love can turn fear into passion and excitement.

I Ching Hexagram 35 - Chin (Progress) | Cafe au Soul

Changes in Line 3 "Receiving Love and Support" Slowly and steadily a special someone will turn into your strongest ally. But you must earn their love with your integrity and good intentions.

Changes in Line 4 "Revealing Your Talent" This is a time to let someone see how fabulous and special you really are. Share your special abilities.

35: Easy Progress

By showing your true talents, your grace and natural attractiveness will increase a hundred fold. Changes in Line 5 "Stabilizing Your Connection" Know that the brightness of your love life is secure, despite small bumps and minor setbacks. It's impossible to fail. Stay present with whatever challenges arise and remind yourself to keep unattached to the outcome.

The prize you are seeking is already here. Someone special will appreciate your strength. But the wise person always gives the right message. Don't abuse your power. Use it for the good of all. If you haven't tried one yet, click here to try a free I Ching reading now.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #35 - aviabilets.info

A note on iFate's I Ching translation: Is honored with hourses in large numbers. In a single day he is granted audience three times. The sun rises over the earth: The image of Progress.

Goodie's I Ching - #33 Retreat (Hexagram)

This the superior man himself Brightens his bright virtue. The image is of the rising sun over the earth. The sun brings clarity to everything on earth, and allows for rapid easy progress, as opposed to the slower progress of Sheng and Chien.

The highest trigram, Li, suggests … the most important progress to be made is the development of virtue, which is achieved by continuous introspection, self-improvement and the gathering of energy. If one is impeded by external factors and cannot improve the situation, only the development of virtue promotes progress.

35. Prospering (jìn). Progress

As a result, everything changes. This, to me, is interesting in that it is the reversal of what I thought the hexagram is supposed to mean.

In my understanding of the term Rapid Easy Progress, the couple should take decisive actions that will keep them rapidly and easily moving together and towards the next cog. But that is NOT what Chin 35 is saying! The only activity that is recommended is the development of the virtue, which will cause true progress to occur. Furthermore, even if at the start, progress is not acknowledged by others, real benefit comes from continuing to do what is right, and remaining still so that the energy can be allowed to grow and to allow for things to happen naturally.