What to bring meet your boyfriends parents

How to Meet Your Boyfriend's Parents: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

what to bring meet your boyfriends parents

"When my son brought his new girlfriend over for dinner the first time, she place and in front of your boyfriend's parents is not one of them.". Meeting your boyfriends parents is one of the first things you can do in a relationship to start moving things When you go to meet them, take a small gift. Try to. marriage? Here are 10 tips to impress your boyfriends parents before it gets late. So take some time out from your schedule, and go gift shopping with your guy. The aim of this meeting is to win the parents over. Treat it.

What are your thoughts on marriage? These are some critical questions that your boyfriend's parents may or may not throw at you. Vague replies may put your to-be in-laws off simply because you can come across as a girl who has no direction and no planning in life.

Rehearse the answers to these pivotal questions and be armed with precise and goal-oriented replies.

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Compliment their home and make your guy's parents feel good about themselves. Most people are likely to have a biased and soft spot for their own house. By complimenting your boyfriend's parents' house, you will bring a smile to their faces. Pick out little intricacies like the jar on a shelf or a picture on the side table. Being specific will make it look genuine and such talks often turn into aw conversation starters. Parents can be wary of their son's girlfriend for a range of reasons.

They may think that she is a gold digger, she may be emotionally damaged because of her parents' divorce, she may be after their son because he is too nice, she has nothing to do in life or a variety of other hypothetical reasons. Stay away from talking about such controversial and sensitive matters until you have established a healthy relationship with your guy's family and got their trust.


Whether it is laying the table, sorting out leftovers or prepping desserts, take the initiative in helping your boyfriend's family around the house. If you keep offering your help meekly and politely, you may be refused since you are likely to be treated as a guest for the first time.

what to bring meet your boyfriends parents

Hold your fort and don't just offer help — start helping. You will get your boyfriend's family to like you as you display your ability to take charge and get things out of the way. Giving your boyfriend a pat on the back while complimenting him or giving him a high five when he cracks a joke may be acceptable, but restrict your touching to that. Being very touchy feely may make his family passively think that you are attempting to mark your territory or you are giving them strong signals to back off.

Agree with him when he makes a statement and back his decisions up a hundred percent.

what to bring meet your boyfriends parents

Use affirmations like 'You are right' when he speaks something in front of his family. Laugh at his jokes, compliment his skills, encourage his career moves and give all the other signs of a supportive girlfriend.

His family will find peace in the fact that their son's girlfriend is a pillar he can lean on. Chances of your boyfriend's family being judgmental of you also may be less than any other ordinary day as everyone is likely to be in a happy mood.

Avoid annoying your boyfriend or coming across as being too clingy by spending only some portion of the holidays with your boyfriend's family.

Spend the rest with your own folks. A couple of meetings or phone calls may not get you instant appreciation from your boyfriend's family. Building and sustaining a good bond with anyone, let alone your boyfriend's family, is all about keeping in touch. Initiate communication by calling his mother or leaving an email to his father. If they reciprocate positively, you can take it further.

Go out to cafes, shops, malls or get your nails done at a salon. Do all the girly things you possibly can.

what to bring meet your boyfriends parents

Impress the girls with your bargaining skills and your knowledge of hole in the wall places across town. Grab this opportunity to compliment your boyfriend's mother when she emerges out of the trial room while shopping. Be yourself Once you break the ice with your boyfriend's family, slowly start doing away with the formalities and establish a healthy and natural relationship with them.

They may even ask you for yours, as a test, or because they genuinely want to know what you think.

what to bring meet your boyfriends parents

As strange as their family stories or fights may sound, just remember, blood is thicker than water and they will always back each other before they back you. Just listen, or tune it out. Your younger brother was obviously adopted or dropped off by the stork. For his parents, this takes a whole new meaning. They, especially his mother, want to be doing his laundry and giving him life advice.

You have a few options in this case.

Meeting Your Boyfriend’s Parents For The First Time: Dos & Don’ts

You can either do your best to make sure something exciting, funny or awful happens on the way so you have something to say, or you can make it up and pre-rehearse something with him. Either way, figure out how you plan on answering that question.

That is her home — her domain — and she will see it as threatening if you just swoop in and try to take over. That being said, she is happy to take your help, once you offer.

16 Things No One Tells You About Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents

In fact, she wants to basically force you to help her, without having to say a word. She wants to have some girl-talk with you. On top of that, she probably wants to retain a little bit of control since arguably you are more influential to her son than her now. Some of her other reasons for this are: Deep breath — you got this.