Opel uses the Vodafone 4G network and users can fully utilise the data plans across most of Europe. This should still provide up to Mbps of bandwidth depending on the signal strength and network load. The Three network shapes traffic differently between handsets and broadband devices and appears to limit the range of how far the broadband device will operate from a mast. Before deciding on any service, I strongly recommend checking the coverage for the particular network. For heavy data users, I strongly recommend getting a mobile broadband hotspot and checking the Three prepay and Eir prepay sections above.

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A continuous ping test clearly illustrates the issue: Your router probably has the Meteor network name in its firmware.

Huawei E586 Modem locked to Meteor?

If you do not discharge the required interim payment or if your usage is reasonably considered excessive by Three, we may suspend or disconnect your Mdem services.

Update 1st October Electric dehumidifier running costs vs moisture absorber and silica gel.

Eir is even worse, for example, Eir does not even have 3G coverage most of the way between Donegal and Ballybofey. Three has introduced a Visitor prepay SIM, intended for tourists. Should this happen, restart the router and it will usually pick up a public IP address again.

Prepay broadband customers that have a SIM card with the former Meteor branding are unaffected. On the other hand, Three will not provide support if there is any technical issue as they can identify the device the SIM is placed in. Do you know which network they are using? In regards to Three Mobile Broadband bill pay service.


For example, if you are midway between two 4G masts operating on the same frequency, the signal from one will interfere with the other. Don’t worry I’ll get it unlocked myself!!!

For example, there is a substantial difference at peak time between the throughput YouTube gets compared to what a file download gets. See this page on 4gltemall for a review of it and detailed specification on this router. Customers on those plans can upgrade to the GB plan within the last three months of their contract.

However, this should be sufficient for testing the network before signing up to a lengthy contract.

From my own testing, Three no longer gives network priority to their official broadband SIMs like they did in the past. This would be used to connect additional devices i.

Meteor Huawei Wifi Modem For Sale in Cavan, Cavan from STEFCHI1

I apologise for taking so long to reply as the notification email went to my junk mail. On the other hand, the connection appears to be more stable than using a phone SIM and they will provide technical support.

Have to say that’s utterly ridiculous modsm spending that amount on the actual dongle and topping up loads during the first 8 months I had it your effectively penalising me as I haven’t used it in 6 months, glad I’m not with Meteor anymore, incredible. It is Three that is providing the GB option.

Meteor Modem For Sale in Ennis, Clare from Bit of everything

Hi Sean, Excellent article, thank you. Do you think this is the best value opton for home broadband where no other option i. You should not use the credit limit for budgeting as the amount you owe morem not capped or limited by any credit limit we set.


A continuous ping test clearly illustrates the issue:. This is not your monthly allowance limit which I always thought it wasbut an out of bundle limit similar to an overdraft which is set by three and most users have no knowledge of this, how much it is, nor is it clarified anywhere in the terms or website. Based on my experience, broadband mtepr generally get considerably faster data speeds than mobile handsets on the Three network, particularly in a strong signal area.

However, they do appear to randomly block the connection.

Their Vodafone B appears to be a rebadged Huawei B desktop router. This is not surprising mtwor that this coincides with the length of the day pass. My excess usage would usually be 10gb. If you exceed the credit limit we set, we may suspend any or all of the Three Services you use until you have made a payment to your account.

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