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kirk douglas movie strangers when we meet

I just rented the Movie and saw my office in a reverse shot and so much more . The film "Strangers When We Meet" with Kirk Douglas and Kim. In the case of the glossy soap opera, Strangers When We Meet, directed by Richard Quine, the real star of the movie was the cliff top Bel Air is the vision of architect Larry Coe (Kirk Douglas) who is building it for a successful novelist. Strangers When We Meet is a drama film about two married neighbors who have an affair. The movie was adapted by Evan Hunter from his novel of the same name and directed by Richard Quine. The film stars Kirk Douglas, Kim Novak, Ernie Kovacs, Barbara Rush, and.

Kenter Avenue in the Brentwood neighborhood of LA. It's here that Kirk Douglas and Kim Novak's characters first meet and begin their affair. This is a primary location in the film that appears throughout the story. The trees have grown up quite a bit since the film was shot in the early s but otherwise the location looks almost the same. Kenter Avenue, Brentwood Looking Northwest at the bus stop location as seen in the film.

Looking Northwest at the bus stop location present. Kirk Douglas dropping his son off at the bus stop at Kenter Avenue. Present view of where Kirk Douglas drops son off at bus stop. Kim Novak standing at bus stop. Present view of bus stop location. Kirk Douglas and Kim Novak are seen here leaving the bus stop.

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That's Sunset Boulevard in the background. Below is the same view today. View looking up Tigertail Road today. The next location below was a little difficult to figure out. In the film the location is known as the Village Market, a red country barn themed grocery store. It's here that Walter Matthau's character works as a butcher.

kirk douglas movie strangers when we meet

However, today the country barn look is long gone. If you look in the below photo you can see the same white pillars and the stairs going up the building. If it wasn't for that detail I don't think I would have ever found this location! All the shops that were at this little strip mall when Strangers When We Meet was being filmed are all gone.

The above photo I believe is the same shot as the one where Kim Novak is seen getting into her car. Kirk Douglas at Service Station Brentwood Village Market Another location I'm not sure about is the scene where Kirk Douglas is walking through the round overhang of the service station. In the photo below is what I'm guessing to be the same location as it appears today. In the film Douglas is walking from the service station towards Kim Novak getting into her car.

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If the service station was next to the strip mall then the below location would have to be where the service station was. Possibly the service station location. In the background you can see a Chevron service station. Unfortunately, she picked the wrong director Quine and the wrong star Kirk Douglas upon whom to vent her spleen.

Technicians laughed behind their hands one afternoon when Kim seriously tried to give acting instructions to Douglas, who listened with a deadpan face. Off camera, he referred to her as the 'broad Harry Cohn built. Kirk, usually a model of patience, began complaining about the time it took to photograph Novak from just the right angle, in just the proper light, and during just the right mood.

The inference was that Quine was tilting the production heavily in favor of Kim. Obviously, Kim and Dick had been discussing the scene, and she was excited about a wonderful idea she had come up with. Apparently, Dick had agreed with her wholeheartedly. I listened to her argument, told her exactly why it was impossible to do the scene that way.

She looked at Dick. He looked at me and said, 'You know, Kim, he's right.

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She ripped up the pages, started to make incoherent sounds, screamed, went nuts. It was impossible to shoot with her for the rest of the day. The next day we shot the scene the way it was written. We got through the picture, and I enjoyed working with her, although I do think that she convinced Richard to give the picture the wrong ending.

kirk douglas movie strangers when we meet

The original ending in the book, very powerful, was that after our love affair had ended, Walter Matthau, who was playing a heavy, comes to pick her up in a car, and she decides what the hell, and goes off with him. Instead, she preferred to spurn him, pull her trench coat up around her neck, and walk off like Charlie Chaplin. I didn't think that was the right ending, but those are the hazards of working with someone who's romantically involved with the director.

The ending from Evan Hunter's novel he also wrote the screenplay wouldn't make much sense either since the Walter Matthau character was a boring lecher and completely inconceivable as the sort of man Maggie would gravitate toward to fulfill her emotional and sexual needs. The present ending of Strangers When We Meet actually rings true since none of the characters are able to escape their own private hells.

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So, Novak was right to sway Quine's opinion on the film's conclusion. Novak "would always refer to Strangers When We Meet as 'that great lost weekend. Who do you think you are? She never again experienced the earlier career heights of such films as Picnic or Vertigo Strangers When We Meet might not have been a happy experience for either actor and it certainly wasn't well received by critics of its era or the public.

kirk douglas movie strangers when we meet

Hipster comedian and innovative television host Ernie Kovacs provides a welcome diversion from the heavy soap opera proceedings as the popular writer who demands a spectacular house for his oversized ego. His character, a borderline lush and habitual womanizer, is a completely improbable character and seems to belong in a different movie but he is nonetheless an amusing and charismatic presence in the film.

It's a shame he didn't get the opportunity to explore the film medium as he did television; a fatal car wreck in ended a promising career. The other great scene-stealer in Strangers When We Meet is Walter Matthau as the loathsome Felix who enjoys baiting Coe with unwanted advice about his not-so-private affair with Maggie.

He's rarely been sleazier than the scene in which he corners Eve in her home alone during a rainstorm - "Come on, Eve, I know you want to Other films from the same era such as No Down Payment also explored marital discontent in the suburbs but Strangers When We Meet stands out for its sad truths delivered within a glossy, artificial milieu.

It's no wonder the film fared poorly with moviegoers who expected a romantic fantasy and got a dose of Jean-Paul Sartre, American-style. The film could almost pass as a Douglas Sirk melodrama on the order of All That Heaven Allows or There's Always Tomorrow and the dialogue is just as self-conscious and ironic.