I got some of these based on their crazy-good reputation. I love these earbuds from the sound to the look and of course the price. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. I bought these about 3 or 4 years ago and bought a newer one more recently. Reviews for Similar Products. Another platform will show them to be the ugly little jewels that they are!

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I have several pairs of headphones closed and opened and these are a must to add to your collection.

Who could mpnoprice for more? Joel on December 5, 3: I bought five other Monoprice models just to be sure. Learn more about Monoprice Business. How long is the cable? Jaybird Headphones with Noise Isolation.

Monoprice 108320 Enhanced Bass Hi-fi Noise Isolating Earphones Silver

They actually cost a bit less and give off decent sounds in comparison. I broke these headphones in for 24 hours with Pink Noise and the sound did actually get better. Dull and lifeless, no crisp mids or highs, nothing but tubby, boomy bass.

Difficult to see “L” and “R”, at least on the black pair, which I ordered. Simply put these are the most durable IEM’s I have ever had, once you perform some choice upgrades they can be awesome. I just don’t have amp enough to make these drivers clack bottom. 88320


Monoprice 8320 / MEP-933 Review

Cheaper IEM’s made by monoprice. First off, I got the ‘s, because there were lots of comments about how it’s the better deal.

Next to the Monoprices my Koss KSC75 seem like they arrived from heaven carried by a unicorn and sprinkled with magic monprice dust. To see and take advantage of our member pricing sign up for a business account or contact our sales team. Questions For Similar Products. This wasn’t it for me.

Monoprice Hi-Fi Premium Noise Isolating Earbuds Headphones – Black & Red –

Wires Knott up all the time. Pros – mids are fairly well detailed, especially for the price, headphone is also surprisingly detailed and bright which leads to significant fatigue. Pros – better than monooprice average iem that i got with my Cowon D20 and C2.

First Impressions and Fit: TaharqaMay 21, Still going strong what, 20 months later? 832 – Great sound quality, price, omnoprice bass. I am still trying to find a better replacement to the Philips SHE 1 set lasted 2 years and best sound for me personally and overall comfort and isolation.

They sound amazing for being a cheap IEM. They were very flat in the beggining then someone sugested these should be burned in for a few days with white noise.


I’ve been a headfi stalker for many, many years, joining when the ER4 and whatever Shure or UE equivalent were just accepted as king, in fact the single most expensive thing I ever bought was with my own money in high school was a pair of brand new ER4P’s. R on May 24, Anyway, I hope that julian67 comes back and replies, because him and I have an understanding, and it would be good to see him post again it’s been quite a while since he has.

I heard a lot about these earbuds and they do not disappoint. HinozJan 25, I use them like regular buds but have the cord go up over my ear from front to back. I would absolutely recommend, these continue to be my go to headphones and though they may only last half a year, for the price you can’t beat them.

When I first heard them I was disappointed

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