Does bardock ever meet gohan

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does bardock ever meet gohan

Bardock might have done dirty jobs like killing people but in the end he did try he is concerned, Grampa Gohan is the closest thing Goku ever had to a father. -This is set directly after the Buu Saga, before Gohan and Videl get hitched, and Pan or You can find someone else to do your dirty work!. How do you know of Grandpa Gohan and not know that he isn't but I think that's all the surnames we ever get through all of Dragon Ball.

With the very recent addition of S-Cells, though, it seems like the original fan theory has actually ended up being canon. Goten inherited Super Saiyan from birth.

does bardock ever meet gohan

S-Cells are cells found in Saiyans that allow them to turn Super Saiyan. The more S-Cells you have, the easier you can trigger Super Saiyan. Then again, Goku does hunt so maybe he was just out looking for dinner when Chi-Chi gave birth. At this point in the story, Goku is dead.

does bardock ever meet gohan

Goten was born and it was like Goku never left. So, pen in hand, Toriyama crafted a way to let him keep Goku dead while still drawing him. Goku as a child was stocky while Goten was far leaner.

does bardock ever meet gohan

Goku was more aggressive and in your face, but Goten was passive and docile. Fans, as a whole, should take more precaution in fact checking before they say something, but Toriyama is kind of at fault here. Fans, as a whole, should take more precaution in fact checking. If all your Dragon Ball knowledge comes from exclusively reading the manga or watching the anime, the text makes it very clear Gohan is becoming the main character of the Buu saga.

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So what causes the shift if not angry fans? While he does give Gohan one of the happier endings, he made the shift back to Goku the first chance he got. Just like the main character misconception, this one also has some basis in reality. In the anime, and only the anime, Gohan is pushed heavily as Goku's narrative equal. The manga is a much different story. Toriyama has no interest in romance and Chi-Chi is a predominately romantic character in a battle manga.

As he was originally created by Toei for The Father of Goku special, he was non-canon for a long time. While Toei had created many non-canon characters before, none struck a chord with Toriyama like Bardock did. Bardock was the only character to be introduced by the anime and canonized in the manga. Upon watching the special, he commented that it was the type of story he could never write.

No matter how dark Dragon Ball got, it always managed to maintain a feeling of optimism. Enamored with the character and plot, Toriyama ended up including a panel from near the end of the film featuring Bardock.

does bardock ever meet gohan

In its entire ten year run, Bardock was the only character to be introduced by the anime and canonized in the manga. In a sense, that kind of makes The Father of Goku semi-canon.

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Once Goku seemingly dies for good, though, Chi-Chi changes her tune. Chi-Chi changes after Goku sacrifices himself during the Cell Games.

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This is a stark contrast from her attitude with Gohan back from the beginning of the series. I heard one person leave wherever I was. I finally managed to open one eye, but I was in extreme pain. I haven't been this banged up since I saw a teenage boy sitting next to a window.

The boy looked almost exactly like me. I knew that I wasn't on Planet Vegeta, it was gone. So where was I? And was this boy a Saiyan, too? He probably heard me, because he looked over at me. I'll be right back, don't move.

I couldn't move at all! Couldn't he see that? All I could see was the door right in front of me and the window to the right of that. A few minutes later, I heard footsteps approaching.

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I thought it would be that kid again, but I was wrong. In the doorway was a person who looked exactly like me, minus the scar and his facial expression was a little bit happier.

There was no mistaking it. He looked exactly as he did in the vision, except his clothes didn't have a symbol on the back. How was this possible? Kakarot was only a few days old! Not a fully grown man! I wanted to speak to him so badly, but I couldn't.

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I was in too much pain, and I couldn't find the words. I just looked at him. He stood around for a minute, then turned to walk off. I'll come back later. How do you know me though?