Bohemian grove illuminati meet this week for satanic rituals book

bohemian grove illuminati meet this week for satanic rituals book

Bohemian Grove, Secret, Satanic, Rituals, Footage, Alex Jones, Video Bohemian Grove Satanic Ritual Footage Secret Meeting Illuminati 9. A friend recently told me about something called the Bohemian Grove where supposedly the leaders of our country meet annually to hold. Bohemian Grove is a restricted 2,acre (1, ha) campground located at Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California, United States, belonging to a private San Francisco–based gentlemen's club known as the Bohemian Club. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a more than two-week The Grove is particularly famous for a Manhattan Project planning meeting.

The stage extends up the hillside, and is also home to the second largest outdoor pipe organ in the world. Used for smaller performances in a more intimate setting. Lectures and small ensemble performances. It is also the location of the The Bohemian Club employs ex-military personnel to help secure the area.

The level of security is particularly heightened during the time periods that members are on-site. During these times, the local Sheriff's office, California Highway Patrol, and, if warranted by the guest-list, the United States Secret Service help to secure the areas and roads surrounding the encampment.

In the summer ofRick Clogher gained entrance to the Grove with the help of an employee and posed as a worker during two weekends of the annual encampment. His efforts, the first magazine reporting from inside the Grove, was published in the August issue of Mother Jones.

On July 15,controversial radio show host Alex Jones and his cameraman, Mike Hanson, snuck in and shot footage of the Cremation of Care ceremony, which Jones incorrectly identified as an "occult ritual". He was heavily armed and wearing a skull mask and outfit with "Phantom Patriot" written across the chest.

Traditions, rituals, and symbols[ edit ] Founding Symbols[ edit ] The Club's patron saint is John of Nepomukwho legend says suffered death at the hands of a Bohemian monarch rather than disclose the confessional secrets of the queen.

bohemian grove illuminati meet this week for satanic rituals book

A large wood carving of St. John in cleric robes with his index finger over his lips stands at the shore of the lake in the Grove, symbolizing the secrecy kept by the Grove's attendees throughout its long history. This statue was designed by sculptor and two-time club president Haig Patigian. It was constructed in the late s.

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Patrick at Tara The Cremation of Care ceremony is a theatrical production in which some of the club's members participate as actors.

It was first conducted in the in The production was devised by James F. Bowman with George T. Inthe club actually argued in court that it shouldn't have to hire female staff because members at the Grove "urinate in the open without even the use of rudimentary toilet facilities" and that the presence of females would alter club members' behavior.

Bohemian Grove: Illuminati Meet This Week for Satanic Rituals -

An all-male enclave, Richard Nixon was heard on the Watergate Tapes describing it as "the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine, that San Francisco crowd that goes in there; it's just terrible!

I mean I won't shake hands with anybody from San Francisco. Bonacci claimed that he had been kidnapped and flown to the Grove by Republican leader Lawrence King and was forced into sexual acts with other boys. I do not purport to understand the full function of this political cesspool playground as my perception was limited to my own realm of experience.

My perception is that Bohemian Grove serves those ushering in the New World Order through mind control, and consists primarily of the highest Mafia and U.

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Reagan and Nixon "I do not use the term "highest" loosely, as copious quantities of drugs were consumed there. Project Monarch Mind-Control slaves were routinely abused there to fulfill the primary purpose of the club: Bohemian Grove is reportedly intended to be used recreationally, providing a supposedly secure environment for politically affluent individuals to "party" without restraint.

The only business conducted there pertained to implementing the New World Order, through the proliferation of mind-control atrocities, giving the place an air of "Masonic Secrecy". The only room where business discussions were permitted was the small, dark lounge affectionately and appropriately referred to as the Underground. I knew each breath I took could be my last, as the threat of death lurked in every shadow. Slaves of advancing age or with failing programming were sacrificially murdered "at random" in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grove, and I felt it was "simply a matter of time until it would be me".

Rituals were held at a giant, concrete owl monument on the banks of, ironically enough, the Russian rushin' River.

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These occultist sex rituals stemmed from the scientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe trauma to ensure compartmentalization of the memory, and not from any spiritual motivation. I was told, " Anytime when you least expect it, the owl will consume you. Prepare yourself, and stay prepared. The emerging picture is that the elite is chosen by virtue of being sexually and morally compromised so they will obey the dictates of Cabalist central bankers who are establishing the New World Order.

I feel sorry for the innocent people who think Osama bin Laden was responsible forthe media tells the truth and we live in a free country. We live in a world designed and controlled by satanist central bankers according to the blueprint of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

bohemian grove illuminati meet this week for satanic rituals book

We are being harassed by terrorism, war, financial crises and viruses just as the Protocols promised. The purpose is to make us throw up our hands and accept world government, which is a euphemism for banker tyranny. Whether it's climate change, wars, bank bailouts or "hate laws," there is less distinction every day between the perversity of the Illuminati bankers and the actions of our governments.