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Meet Casserole, also known as Cassidy, a 2-legged kitty catching a ride He ended up at the non-profit cat rescue organization 'Tiny Kittens'. Explore Patti Zimmerman's board "Tinykittens TNR - Cassidy & Topper" on Pinterest. | See more Well, now there's a MAJOR UPDATE to the story: Cassidy no longer needs the . Meet Cassidy and sibling, just rescued from our feral cat colony. Union Local one of 16 terrific guys who came out yesterday to fix our floors. TinyKittens founder Shelly Roche gives Cassidy, the “miracle kitten” a belly rub. She let The Times meet the furry celebrity last Wednesday. The big question is who is going to provide the miracle kitty's forever home? to care for a feral cat colony in Langley, attempting to trap the males, neuter them.

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