Little mosque on the prairie meet jaffers

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little mosque on the prairie meet jaffers

Little Mosque on the Prairie is a Canadian television sitcom created by Zarqa Nawaz and . Her Western medical treatments are met with disapproval by Fatima, who . Junaid Jaffer, also known as J.J. (Stephen Lobo) – Son of Yasir's friend. Little Mosque on the Prairie Season 3 Episode Meet the Jaffers Summary: J.J. 's parents arrive for the wedding and J.J.'s mother tells Rayyan something in. "Little Mosque on the Prairie" Meet the Jaffers (TV Episode ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

They have returned from their honeymoon to Mercy after Sarah and Yasir divorced. In season 6, Amaar does not start out as the Imam despite pressure from some congregation members to do so. He is committed to Islam but is also an opportunist and not, as his daughter might put it, "a good Muslim.

Magee to pay appropriate rent to the Church organization for it which was passed on to Yasir. Yasir is a card-carrying member of the Conservative Party of Canadaalthough more for the networking opportunities than out of any particular interest in being politically active.

His role was reduced in seasons four and five, due to Rota's other acting commitments; within the show, his absence was explained as a temporary return to Lebanon to care for his ailing mother. Yasir is said to have left to stay in Lebanon, in the process separating from his wife, Sarah, after a year-long marriage. Like her husband, she struggles with Muslim customs and regulations and is often shown up by their more pious daughter, Rayyan.

little mosque on the prairie meet jaffers

She wears the hijab when attending services at the mosque, but not day-to-day. After her divorce from Yasir, she returned to her original name Sarah Cunningham at the insistence of Ann Popowicz. Ann wanted Sarah to have "Danger" as her new middle name but it ended up being Dangler. After Sarah's divorce, Baber and Rev. Thorne begin competing for her soul or which religion she may become part of.

Sarah was revealed to also lack a wild side and her memories of a wild past were actually her living through her friend Ann Popowicz. Sarah does try to let herself go wild when she kisses a stranger named Lou and gets into a bar fight with his girlfriend Svetlana. She later goes through a spiritual crisis, leaving Islam to return to the Anglican church but eventually finds she does indeed want to be Muslim and so renews her shahadah. She follows Islamic feminismkeeps the sartorial hijaband takes her religion very seriously.

Her Western medical treatments are met with disapproval by Fatima, who uses traditional Nigerian remedies. She is occasionally foiled by her own ambition; in one episode, she insists on being named as the mosque's representative to the local Interfaith Council as her price for letting go of an argument with Amaar, only to discover at her first meeting that the council is really little more than an interfaith bake sale committee.

Rayyan has long had feelings for Amaar and they are currently married. Rayyan pushed her mother to join a divorce group but later on has discovered her own insecurities regarding her marriage. Her fear is that her parents' divorce may lead to problems between her and Amaar.

In this fear, she gives up her habits of drinking milk out of the carton and forcing Amaar to place the dishes a certain way in the dishwaster. His conservatism often conflicts with the wishes of his teenage daughter Layla, although he loves her dearly in fact the main reason he has custody of her is that when his ex-wife came to visit him after he moved to Mercy she saw that the only thing he had bothered to unpack was his daughter's picture on the wall.

He wears a taqiyah and a shalwar kameez and constantly rants and raves and complains about everything, to the point that most of his acquaintances consider him obnoxious. He once falsely claimed that he was on the American no-fly list to cover up his own fear of flying, resulting in Rayyan and Amaar taking him to the American consulate in Regina three separate times to help him clear his name.

He calls most non-Muslims " imbeciles " and " infidels ", although it is rather obvious that he is not any sort of dangerous fanatic but just a harmless crank. In the episode "The Letter", Baber takes an interest in a female motivational speaker played by Andrea Martin who is stranded in Mercy, who in turn becomes interested in him. Everything goes well until Baber utters some anti-Semitic remarks.

The motivational speaker takes offense, and reveals to Baber that she is Jewish.

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Baber comes to Amaar for guidance. Amaar reminds him that anti-Semitism is not tolerated in the Muslim faith. Baber also falls for Thorne's ploy of taking over as Imam which led to Amaar being removed as Imam.

His bringing in the overzealous Rahaloon resulted in the mosque being removed from the church. Later Amaar made amends with Baber when he was reinstated as Imam. Baber performed Amaar and Rayyan's wedding and they left for their honeymoon.

"Маленькая мечеть в прериях" Meet the Jaffers (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Upon their return it is revealed that Baber is the current Imam and is good friends with Reverend Thorne. She is spirited and enjoys engaging in verbal sparring matches, frequently with Fred Tupper, the local bigot and radio "shock jock" who has a crush on her. She hates the Mercy Diner, her competition.

little mosque on the prairie meet jaffers

She has a son, Jamal Demetrius Joyettewho hates being forced to play ayo by his mother. She officially becomes a Canadian citizen during the show's run. Her culinary expertise is recognized by all the residents of Mercy, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. More often than not, this is used to underline just how much good food can create a bridge over cultural barriers.

He is liberalonce offering to perform a gay marriage at the church, and is willing to stand up to the church hierarchy when he believes that it is acting inconsistently with the true message of Christianity. He often laments the sad state of his own church and congregation. His character unfortunately departs the show after season three, to be replaced by the ambitious, younger and distinctly less accommodating Rev.

In seasonsit is gradually revealed that he has a number of hobbies including curling, running and paintingall taken very seriously. His presence on the show illustrates the commonalities between Islamic and Anglican faiths and the similar problems the priests of each faith must face.

little mosque on the prairie meet jaffers

She is primarily concerned with maximizing the perks of her office and minimizing the amount of work that she actually has to do. She has a bit of a wild streak, having been known to date members of the Hells Angels and has more skeletons in her closet than the local cemetery. She is witty, blunt and a bit of a lush, but leans greatly upon Sarah, her PR person, when she missteps. However, at times he finds himself in the awkward position of siding with the Muslim community, as evidenced in the first season.

A flashback episode revealed that his distrust of Muslims stems more from an unpleasant encounter with Baber than from any deeply held prejudices. His radio rants are primarily a ratings-grabbing persona; while he can be a blowhard jerk on and off the air, he treats pretty much everyone with equal condescension not just Muslims. By season 3, it is revealed that his objectionable comments have more to do with habit and keeping ratings up, than any active dislike of Muslims.

In fact, when he believes he is dying, he is downright friendly to everyone including Muslims and almost declares his love to Fatima. She graciously allows him his dignity when he claims it is in fact her hummus that he loves. She says she's here to fish, but Fatima thinks she's up to no good. Amaar argues for common sense: Meanwhile, Amaar opens a store in the mosque to sell Islamic merchandise.

He enlists Rayyan and Baber to run the store, unleashing Rayyan's competitive nature. Is his run of bad luck the will of God? Or his own fault? Meanwhile, Rayyan lets her conscience run away with her after inadvertently stealing a chocolate bar from a convenience store.

Little Mosque on the Prairie S5 E1 Arabic sub مترجم

Amaar and Rayyan persuade him to fight the power by taking a daylong road trip to the American consulate. It's too bad the man behind the glass window Guest Star Dave Foley insists that they make an appointment first.

Back in Mercy, the Mayor wants to put a private bathroom in her office—and Yasir will stop at nothing to get the job. She misses the fun and pageantry of her pre-conversion Christmases.

Rayyan vows to make this year's Muslim festival, Eid al Adhaa little more Christmasy to cheer up her mom. Meanwhile, the Christmas rush leads to trouble at the mosque, where Amaar and Magee come into conflict over limited parking. At the same time, Baber and Layla are invited to perform a short Islamic play at the school pageant, but the fact that it is forbidden to depict the prophets puts a damper on things.

Layla ends up bringing down the house with an interfaith reading from A Christmas Carol. Another year's gone by and he hasn't reached the goals he's set for his business.

Rayyan throws a dinner to cheer him up, and over dinner Rayyan, Baber, and Amaar share stories of what they were doing exactly five years ago.

little mosque on the prairie meet jaffers

Rayyan's got natural talent, but is she so good that the team will lose her? Meanwhile Sarah uses Islamic tradition to get Yasir to pay for a shopping spree. Guest star Peter Wildman as the curling rink manager. He does what any good teacher would do: Sparks really fly when Baber finds out. Eventually Layla informs them that Amaar misread the note, and he'd like to crawl under his desk.

Meanwhile, when Yasir and Sarah help Fatima study for her citizenship testthey come close to driving her out of the country. Her administration is thrown into crisis when the "Welcome to Mercy" sign at town limits is destroyed in a tractor accident. Sarah takes action to replace the sign, but people take advantage of her goodwill and the town gets a sign with a welcome in every language, except English!

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With Sarah running the town, Yasir finds himself relegated to "first lady" status. In the meantime, Reverend Magee takes up hobby painting, putting Amaar in the awkward position of pretending to like his art. It's Sarah's job to find a way to put a positive spin on an unpopular policy. Also, Yasir struggles to enjoy a football match on his new big-screen TV, while Rayyan and Fatima suffer from bad hair days—which can happen, even under a headscarf.

For Yasir, it's lying. For Sarah, it's gossip. For Baber, it's anger.

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Everything conspires against them when a tidbit from Amaar's past emerges and proves to be too big to ignore. Meanwhile, Rayyan and Baber must work together to replace the mosque's worn carpets.