Sarah mclachlan meet and greet pictures

In defence of Sarah McLachlan: she's so much more than that SPCA song

sarah mclachlan meet and greet pictures

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It was her first album issued through Verve Records and following its release she embarked on a tour spanning across 30 cities. Even though it was a 6 hour drive to get there and I had to stay overnight, it was totally worth it.

sarah mclachlan meet and greet pictures

I love Sarah McLachlan, for both her music and also for her ideas and her charity work. So going to the concert was not just a fun and beautiful musical experience but very powerful and meaningful to me. Her voice has a clarity and purity that just can't come across on a record, and her stage presence is completely inspiring. Something also must be said for the band and the background singers, especially, they harmonized with Sarah McLachlan so perfectly and it sounded incredibly complex and layered.

sarah mclachlan meet and greet pictures

The stage was set up to highlight Sarah without being obnoxious with the effects. The whole show was soothing in a way, but exciting at the same time. The venue was pretty well packed and parking was kind of a pain to find but during the concert I forgot all about that. I left the concert feeling very much elated and wonderful and I simply can't wait until I'm able to see her again, since I've heard she's touring again this year.

From the studio to Lilith Fair: Sarah McLachlan's 'Surfacing' turns 20

I was mesmerized by your strong voice, so good lyrics and hit songs, one after the other. The small venue and orchestra 1 guitar, 1 bass, 1 drums and one keyboard player made this the best night I could imagine to listen to Adia, I will remember you, building a mystery, angel, when she loved me, ice cream, song for my father and many more.

Her voice was so strong and powerfull.

Sarah McLachlan Live Complete VPAC Concert

I will go back to see her again when she is in town. That is how good the show was.

An Evening of Music with Sarah McLachlan for Mary’s Place by the Sea

The constant drip in an already full tank: To be 34 is to feel everything you felt at 14 but to usually have the wherewithal to allot your emotions over time, or to process them inside quietly. What this story telegraphed to me as a teenager is a truth I still carry with me, like keys between my fingers after dark: Men could and would, if given space — say, the false sense of closeness between the famous and not — pursue you as hard as they could.

To fight this possession, one must possess oneself, which brings us to Lilith Fair. It was the earliest expression of feminist artistic activism I encountered. Good girls can push. What strength did they gather there and carry into their careers? Inlong after it had run its cultural course, McLachlan tried and failed to revive Lilith Fair.

sarah mclachlan meet and greet pictures

By this time, McLachlan had married, had two children with, and divorced her drummer, Ashwin Sood. Without question, she is one of the most powerful, successful, and generous musicians Canada has ever produced. She is undoubtedly good. It is easy to dismiss her music, at times, if you take it the way in which a rock-and-pop centric culture handed it to you.

But I urge you: Let her pull you closer.