Character meet and greet tips to save money

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character meet and greet tips to save money

Meeting Disney characters at breakfasts and character meet & greet of the Disney character meet & greet lines are not shaded), it might be money well spent. Character meet-and-greets give guests a few moments of individual attention. While money or coins are off limits, they have been known to trade for pins, in line before the character appears can save you much time later. On this page you'll find Disney character meet and greet tips and If you're in money saving mode, you can meet characters for free in other.

You can learn the complete scoop about character dining over on DisneyFoodBlog. Look here for tips on how to choose the right character meal for your family and for ideas about how to get the most out of your character dining experience. Is there character greeting etiquette? Character interaction happens on a first come, first served basis. Other helpful tips include: When it gets to be your turn in line, be ready and as efficient with your interaction as possible.

Insider Tips to Disney World Character Meet & Greets! - Disney World

This means that you should have your camera out turned on, with the lens cap offhave your autograph book open to a blank page, have pen in hand, etc.

Keep an eye on your children. Yes, characters are people too. Saying please and thank you to them will make their world a better place to be. Do the characters have different outfits? Mickey has dozens of of different outfits ranging from swim trunks to a tuxedo. Are there characters in the Disney hotels? There are minimal character appearances in the resorts; the vast majority of character interaction takes place in the theme parks and sometimes the water parks.

You will find characters in the resorts in the following circumstances: At character meals taking place at resort restaurants.

character meet and greet tips to save money

During the holiday season, there may be brief character appearances in the evenings at the deluxe resorts. During times of extraordinary weather like if the parks are shuttered due to hurricane warningscharacters may be sent to the resorts to entertain guests.

Are there character appearances at Downtown Disney? There might possibly be a character appearance at Downtown Disney during a special event such as the Festival of the Masters. And Santa Claus has regular Downtown Disney greeting hours during December, but other than that, do not expect to see characters at Downtown Disney. First things first — do NOT make any promises to your child about the meeting.

Also recognize that if your child is focused on an older or obscure Disney character, a meeting will likely be impossible.

Yes, Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame was once a frequent visitor to the parks, but her appearances now are rare indeed. To get access to this information, stop by the Guest Relations office at any of the theme parks or inquire at the concierge desk at your Disney resort hotel. You may also want to work on language for your child if you find that his character obsession can be found in the parks, but only in a parade or show, not in a greeting location.

Are the lines for character greeting long? It really depends on a number of factors including the time of day, the time of year, the rarity of the character, the popularity of the character, the weather, and more.

Do you have any tips for reducing the amount of time spent waiting to meet characters? Well, a good touring plan can certainly help. Many of our touring plans do include character greeting time in their programs.

Is there some way to find out in advance of my vacation what time the scheduled character greetings will happen? Bear in mind that this is not an official Disney source and that the information is subject to change, but generally it is quite accurate. This site does not track spontaneous character greeting appearances. Will my child be afraid of the characters? Most kids are unfazed by meeting Mickey and the gang, while others are reduced to a quivering ball of tears any time they get within 10 feet of a giant mouse.

If you have some concern that your child might exhibit character fear behaviors, try finding a costumed character in your hometown perhaps at a birthday party or Chuck E. Cheese type venue to practice with. I know my child is afraid of the characters. Should I cancel my trip? At no point will a character pop out of nowhere to surprise your child.

The characters tend to stay in a fixed location and are visible from quite a distance. Is there anything I can do if my child is afraid of the characters?

character meet and greet tips to save money

Like I said, if you know you have a fearful child, you can simply stay away from the characters. If you want to push the envelope a little, try taking baby steps toward character interaction. Perhaps ask the child to wave at the character from a distance, or stick with the somewhat less intimidating face characters rather than fur characters.

You will see lots of kids in the parks toting around autograph books. When the kids meet characters, they hand them the autograph book and the character signs it. If you and your kids are content to skip this part of the process, then by all means do so.

One bit of advice … if you do end up collecting character autographs, but sure to write your name and contact information in the front of the book. This will greatly facilitate the return process if you accidentally lose the book. Do I need a special pen to get an autograph from a character? The characters are often wearing bulky gloves which make gripping a delicate writing tool a bit of a challenge.

It can be helpful if you provide them with a somewhat chunky pen, maybe something along the lines of the basic elementary school Crayola marker.

The characters will make do with whatever you have on hand — regular pen, pencil, crayon, — it all works. Some characters, notably Buzz Lightyear, will mark your autograph book with a special stamp rather than a signature.

Tips for Character Meet and Greets at Walt Disney World

Not surprisingly, Lightning and Mater are in the non-autograph-signers club. How much do autograph books cost? Where can I buy them? There are several styles of Disney autograph books for sale in the parks and resorts.

Those Extra Magic Hours can really come in handy when trying to meet characters! Magic Kingdom tends to be less crowded during those times, allowing the lines to be shorter. How can I make the most out of my meet and greet? First, prepare your children. Be sure they know the character will talk to them, and possibly hold their hand, etc. Second, dress you or your children to compliment the character they are meeting.

Nothing is cuter than a whole family in black and red to see Mickey and Minnie, or your little girl in her princess costume standing next to her favorite princess.

Tips for Character Meet and Greets at Walt Disney World

Have your autograph book open to a clean page and your pen ready. This saves time, and is courteous to those behind you. Finally, invest in MemoryMaker before your trip. All your character meet and greet photos are on your Memorymaker, and you will come home with SO many photos! Are you ready to plan your next family vacation?

Let Carrie help you create a magically memorable trip for your family! Mention this article on Couponing to Disney, and receive an exclusive free gift when booking your trip with Carrie! We could easily spend a whole day at the resort enjoying all the free amenities, which is a great thing to plan as a mid-week refresher when everyone is getting super tired and cranky.

Cook meals in the condo. The other reason I like to stay at Bonnet Creek? We can get a HUGE two bedroom condo with a full kitchen and living area for about half the price of a Disney hotel room.

character meet and greet tips to save money

Since we have a full kitchen, I can go shopping and buy enough food for all of our snacks, breakfasts and dinners, which saves us a ton of money on food for the vacation.

Some folks like to use a grocery delivery service like Shipt or Publix but I just stopped by Super Walmart off of Turkey Lake Road which was only a few minutes from our resort. We carried snacks and frozen bottles of water with us every day instead of dropping a ton of cash on park food. Uber or Lyft all the way- from the airport and to each park.

Disney Character Meet and Greet Tips | Walt Disney World

We learned this the hard way. Since we were going to be doing both Universal and Disney World, I rented us a car to get around easier. This was a mistake. We learned that in addition to the rental car fees and gas, we also had to pay for parking each day at the parks.

The only downside of this —with a toddler there is usually no car seat so you have to hold the kids in your lap for the ride. Alternatively, there is a shuttle that departs from the condo where we stayed that goes to all the parks. But you have to ride the entire loop to get to your destination and there is a fee to ride. Also, Disney just announced their own version of Lyft called Minnie Vans which have two car seats installed already, but currently they are only available for folks staying at two of the Disney resorts.

Maybe in the future they will be available anywhere on the property. Shop for Disney souvenirs before the trip begins. Just hide it in your backpack and whip it out when the kids are begging for the toys from the vending carts.

They will never know the difference.