Message 5 of 6 4, Views. Message 7 of 11 4, Views. But if I right click the network option in the browse menu and click explore it shows the drive. For maximum control over how your Windows computer connects to a file share on the NAS, open a command line window in Administrator more and use the “net use” command. Disks will get HOT with standard fan, use “green” disks or consider replacing the fan. I recommend using SystemRescueCD.

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Try to upgrade the firmware of NAS,reset it and reconfigure it from the scratch. So obviously Im connected. My FAQ at http: No, your suggestion did not help.

NAS200 and login

But I’m not sure that everything is ok so I’m not sure for the the data that I have to store on it. They will see the web GUI with their browser but they won’t be able to access the files via a file share. Just to make this clear: As long as you are using the public folder you can share the information between both computers.


Disks will get HOT with standard fan, use “green” disks or consider replacing the fan. Can anyone help me here?

Once again, many thanks for the reply. Message 2 of 6 11, Views.

I’ve never created a batch file before. Again, I’d prefer not to do a big old load of updates just to find that I’m still in the same position as before. Message 6 of 6 4, Views. Message 3 of 7 2, Views. Message 6 of 7 2, Views.

NAS200: 3.55MB/sec transfer speed from Vista?

When Windows connects to a file server, it will always try to connect with the credentials of the user that’s currently logged in to Windows. Make sure pinksys sharing is enabled and your home network is marked as “safe”. So I know there were no problem there. Message 1 of 6 11, Views. Message 3 of 9 4, Views.

Message 6 of 9 4, Views. Message 5 of 9 4, Views. My vista requires me to login with a password, due to my desired level of security that I want. Seems like I cant get map network to see the drive but i can thru my network icon on desktop.


NAS MB/sec transfer speed from Vista? – Linksys Community

I have set up network drive mapping in Windows Vista but I always have to enter my username and password. Message 4 of 7 2, Views. Yes,after upgrading the NAS The only thing now that I’ve noticed and wondered about is the backup button on the NAS Linjsys would hate to do this every time, wouldn’t you?

If you need to log in from different computers at the same same time you will need a different username and password. There are several methods, the method that will work for you will depend on how your vista is setup.

On notebook with Windows XP Professional: I’ve downloaded my own firmware and Linksys firmware literally hundreds of times and never lost any data or setting.

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