The Broadmax is setted to bridge mode as the pppoe is for earthlink and I am not using it with earthlink but another isp. I run on the dynamic IP plan at home and have no problems with all of these. I live in Norwalk too and I’m wondering what kind of speeds you are getting. Hopefully they’ll regain their amazing tech support back! Put the broadmax in the closet.

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Great Speeds few second connection interupts I recommend them to everyone I know. The following is the reply I received: The reason why DSL Extreme became so popular in the first place was cause of their “legendary” tech support.

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Hey, you said your telco capped you at i think, how did u get the to uncap you to get 1. Well, he is right. We are aware of this and we are working to improve service. I wouldn’t say the Broadmax is a POS, it’s upload is a bit weaker than the rest, download is about the same.


When he signed up the deal was great! Review by Cannysage Location: Have some spine and ride out your contract. Do Yourself a Great Favor George is one guy “fighting the system”. Are you using a router or firewall? Well, I hope this is not true. Good luck to you. And, despite my recent positive review, I would agree that the DSL Extreme phone support needs to understand and explain this clearly instead of pushing the static IP plan.

I have hsaa perfect service since. Review by weilwang Location: We are willing to help. To start off, I live in lomita as well, and most likely next door to you as it is so small!

[ECI] Re: Problem with Linkmax HSA

Dump their crappy modem and get a good one like a Westell or Alcatel or even Speedstream. George is one guy “fighting the system”. There have been recent posts in the DSL Extreme forum that can explain this better. I live in Norwalk too and Nsa wondering what kind of speeds you are getting.

Just go with SBC. Review by wcjiang Location: Put your broadmax in bridge mode 1 thing to add the upload bsa of Broadmax is not as steady as the rest and noticable, I would say the weakest link of the Broadmax is its upload speed. They will try again this afternoon to see if it has dropped out and the order can be placed. They hda awesome, to say the least. The forum moderators should ban you from this 1100. So if you can’t get an ftp client working, I would suspect an issue with your setup as George stated.


What it sounds like is that you have another router behind the one that we sent you that is causing the problems. And this certainly doesn’t appear to belong in the “horror story” section.


You are on a static plan Ouch, George laying the smack-down. I work in the industry and know a few things about this stuff. Still testing them both as I speak.

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