I can’t connect it just shows “Dialing ” I did everything that read, can someone help. I’d like to clarify that a smartphone is basically a phone with an integrated GUI-based operating system, like windows mobile, or the iPhone’s OS, or the Blackberry OS. I have figured out my own way of doing it and I will list the instructions here. Is there a way past that if i pay for unlimited data or have the found a way to screw over unlimited data people as well? I found your tutorial on putting your mp3s in the sound folder on your memory stick and it works fine. I plug the cable back in and it updates and says everything is installed. Current limited, with reverse circuit protection.

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Menu buttons are large and easy to press with fingers. That would be great.

Using enV Touch as a modem?

ForsakenVR4Jan 1, Thanks for the help. The enV Touch includes text messaging and web browsing capabilities, as well as camera and video recording, voice commands, and speaker phone.

So right now I set the phone to media sync mode, then drop the connection so the phone stays charging and connect to the serial modem via bluetooth. Keep in mind this is not the way sprint will tell you how to use it, but it is the only way I have been able to get it to work. Take it to Verizon and they should give you a new phone.



Verizon is way overpriced for most of there stuff. As we accumulate useful enV Touch tutorials and guides, I’ll update this list with links to new threads. It looks like you’re new here.

I saw that somebody else made the same mistake in this discussion and a en person posted the file So if your not on the firmware version 07 then try to upgrade if your unable to then you have the same problem that i had.

DUN hack to be able to tether with your Phone as Modem Using enV Touch as a modem?

The Big List of enV Touch Hacks

Last edited by a moderator: Hopefully it will help those in the same boat. I have the Muziq and I use it as a modem all the time. March 31, Customize your enV Touch: Take it out gouch that and you should be fine.

You may also like. It is probably possible to brick your phone.


Using enV Touch as a modem?

If they don’t offer to replace it just ask for a replacement. I always seem to be the guy that has the problems.

Damn I have fun with this phone. They are very good about replacing phones. This is a cool site Can hsb video with audio.

Mobile Phone Verizon LG. They will come back and say it won’t update and it says it’s Unregistered or Unrecognized.

Can someone figure out how to hack the ringback tones? Any ideas where the problem lies. I read the posts above, and I must say, I do remember you from the vx pages, I guess we know which phone company is worth sticking with.

Do you already have an account? You will have to copy and paste cuz i cant post links. Skip to main content.

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