It didn’t have a calculator or a web browser, and you know, it couldn’t open documents at all. A side effect of having an integrated OS is that it acts more like the PCs we are familiar with, doing things like opening email attachments, for example, and being able to directly browse the file system. Plug phone into USB port. But the touch is a programmable computer with a more compact kernel OS. The enV Touch includes text messaging and web browsing capabilities, as well as camera and video recording, voice commands, and speaker phone. I’m not that old 43 , although I am sure many of the whippersnappers using the Touch would beg to differ.

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Now no more paying for ringtones. It’s not technically a “smartphone”.


Hack’ VZ Navigator and other subscription Apps: Nothing is perfect, but “we build the steps on which we rise Send Music to your phone via Mac Bluetooth: Verizon is way overpriced for most of there stuff. ErRoR7Dec 29, Anyway, can you imagine what Johnny Von Neumann would have thought if mode could have seen one of these? Hope this forum turns out to be as helpful as the old VX blog.


It is probably possible to brick your phone.

The Big List of enV Touch Hacks – enV Touch Forum

It looks like you’re new here. That would be awsome. Can’t change them all, only one by one.

This unit has been thoroughly inspected, repaired and tested by our in-house, factory-trained technicians. My e-mail is semoredhawk28 yahoo. I was also unable to do the firmware update using the LG updater software.

So thats what i did and now my phone lasts days: LSX7mikeJan 14, I always seem to be the guy that has the problems. It can still midem made to do anything the other phones can do, but someone has to write or modify a program for the phone to make it do that.

Using enV Touch as a modem?

It barely lasted a day. Take it to Verizon and they should give you a new phone. This is a cool site I’ve never used bitpim before. LSX7mikeJan 15, As soon as I pull the Cable, it finishes installing but when I try and use it, it doesn’t work. I’m glad there are people like enc in the world who are able to put up these pages so that I can be lazy and mooch off your hard work! fouch


Will doing this, bring up any Airtime, or other type of data charges? I spoke to Verizon and they said to only chage the phone when it is fully dead and it shuts off. Anyway they gave me a new phone and the drivers installed correctly and everything worked with the new phone.

Do you already have an account? Click on the network symbol on the bottom right of your computer screen. Use your enV Touch as a flashlight: ANDY is it possible to change the wap settings on the phone with bitpim and use the internet on the phone without having to pay or get data charges?

Touxh list is full.

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