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How does a USB modem 4G work?

LG C500: CORE I3: CPU.2.6,GHZ RAM,4GB, HDD.250GB,

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Show 5 10 15 20 25 per page. Today there are different types of LTE modems on the market that are suitable for various applications such as stationary use as a DSL replacement or mobile browsing, or industrial use M2M connectivity.

BandLuxe C500 Compact LTE USB Modem

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Intel core 2 duo 2. The 4G dongle is a USB modem that you plug into the device with which you want to use the internet.

An Item has been added to cart x. The mobile network tariff with a 4G dongle is more expensive than a fixed internet connection.

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With a 4G USB dongleyou can always access the internet everywhere. We cannot all like the same music. Promote your Ad here Promoted Ads Want to see your adverts here? Almost all laptops are suitable for internet with a 4G dongle. Inquire with your provider.

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Your cart is currently empty Furthermore, the internet data plan is a little bit expensive via a 4G USB modem. The only thing that your laptop needs is a USB connection port. LG C i5 – Notebook. You find yourself stranded and lost in the middle of nowhere.


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Get Email Alerts Alert Details: HP Elitebook p Core iM 2. Providers also offer prepaid mobile internet, so you must keep the costs under control.

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