Many rightly identify Mezcal Head as Swervedriver’s crowning artistic achievement. Space travel is quite cool laughter. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Archived from the original on 22 September Retrieved 17 December

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This is how they lived to tell. Swervedriver maybe could have benefited by being on a smaller label hindmarah was behind us, someone who cared about wanting to put our records out. Bonnar had left during the Raise tour.

Juggernaut Still Rides: Behind the Scenes and Times of Swervedriver – PopMatters

But for some reason, we never got to it. As approached, Franklin held little optimism for a Swervedriver reunion, [8] but by the middle of that year he had changed hindmars outlook, referring positively to the successful reunion of the Pixies during an interview promoting his first release as a solo artist. Hindnarsh long as we can get together for a week to rehearse before a tour there shouldn’t really be a problem.

Rider chronicled Hindmarsh’s experiences and observations on the road touring for Swervedriver from to Swervedriver then toured bigger venues in the US, this time opening for Smashing Pumpkins whose newly released Siamese Dream album went on to become one of the fastest selling records during the 90s.

Swervedriver – Wikipedia

That’s one of the reasons we’re focusing on the new album with the live set. People seem excited I guess. Bindmarsh played his first rock concert at the age of 12, supporting a Kiss tribute band.


Franklin admits the reason he can’t really listen to the band’s fourth album, to this day, is that the experience of making it was so unpleasant. With the return of Swefvedriver, fans get to ride once again on the back of a rock juggernaut into the world of neon-electrified soundtracks, wide sundrenched vistas and sonic bubbles.

Prince Alexander swervedricer it as to-read Apr 01, What influenced you to get back together? He called me up in the early s about getting back together but nothing really happened. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Whereas in the past, we used to try and fill every single hole.

The album has certain peaks and troughs so therefore the performance does as well. We could have scaled it right down with this tour. You want genuine creativity really.

It’s like we were saying earlier, we’ve always consolidated with the next record in the past. Retrieved 26 July Jfz think there are plenty less fortunate.

Franklin expresses some reservations about a fifth Swervedriver record so many years removed from its last studio effort.

They scaled back from track to track recording, condensing the layering of guitar in the process, and employed more full-ensemble straight live track, partly with the mindset of making it easier to play the guitar lines live. These incidents would prove to be just a precursor to the group’s album woes, however. I mean, I guess I was there and everything, but it’s got this great kinda country style to it that sounds like it might have only happened one night, and it’s stuff like that that keeps the whole thing alive to me Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.


Like I was telling someone before—the writer from L. MySpace, for example, is a good thing.

Juggernaut Still Rides: Behind the Scenes and Times of Swervedriver

We were always tagged swerveddriver a shoegaze band but I don’t think we had anything in common with any of them really.

Laughter Even from the first rehearsal. Then there’s the little jam me and Graham did on the record before ‘Sandblasted’, so we had to include that in swervedirver set as well. There’s an increased demand for new bands to tour constantly in order to survive. Architecture, nature, alcohol, space travel, rock r roll.

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