In many ways it is more similar to the FX than the HX. What am I doing wrong here? Find The PC Guide helpful? Maxtor Fireball Plus 8 40g,rpm,2mb cache Os: I gave a full access password, and I have enabled the file sharing. The good news is that this infection isn’t nearly as … [Read More

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Having a NAS is great for that.

Vintage Intel SBVX Socket 7 Motherboard W/ Memory * 3 ISA / 4 PCI Slots | eBay

I formatted it and installed 98se from scratch. I’d also like to add that Triton II machines are pretty exotic due to the bizarre memory intel implemented, I don’t know of many [others] with them.

I installed a 3com pci lan card and now the old machine has internet, but I’m totally dumb on ftp file transfers and how to set them up Return to 430vs Old Hardware. The vast majority are satisfied by the level 2 cache; the end result is that SDRAM does not lead to nearly as large an increase in performance as its presence might imply.

Beware 430xv so-called “VX Pro” chipset, which is 340vx the VX but a cheaper imitator trying to confuse the buying public by making it sound like an enhanced VX chipset.

Choosing memory technologies is discussed here. See here for more. Voodoo 3 16MB Sound: It’s a pain but this gives you USB. However, it did not support a number of emerging technologies such as SDRAM and USB and was superseded in — little more than a year after its launch — by a pair of higher performance chipsets.


That’s what I do sometimes One of the best forms of protection you can implement is a firewall. Not responsible for any loss resulting from the use of this site. It was intended to speed up multimedia and office applications, and it was optimised for bit.

Intel VX (Triton II/III) – CHIPSET – PC Rebuilding

It supports multiple processors, has been optimised for bit operation and to work with large memory arrays up to MB and provides error control ECC facilities on the fly when bit parity SIMMs are used. Despite Intel’s efforts, the VX is often called the “Triton III”, both to distinguish it from the HX, and as a marketing ploy to make it seem like it is “new and improved” or whatnot.

What am I doing wrong here? No dual processor support.

Maxtor Fireball Plus 8 40g,rpm,2mb cache Os: This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Thanks, will try it and post feedback in a day or two.

The Linux super user, or root user, is a special user that has tremendous power, with the ability to access and modify all files on the operating … [Read More The Triton HX chipset is geared towards business machines and was developed with networking, video conferencing and MPEG video playback in mind. This is very misleading, because the VX has in fact only one significant technical advantage over the HX, and is actually inferior in almost every other way to the HX set.


Vintage Intel SB82437VX Socket 7 Motherboard W/ Memory * 3 ISA / 4 PCI Slots

So I guess it can’t be helped Network sharing between an 64bit windows 8 machine and win 9x just does not work, the windows 8 pc finds the shared folder, but I’m out of ideas what to input for username and pass when it asks There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

Please read the Site Guide before using this material. You don’t even need to deal with windows file sharing, problems between different versions and all these. The VX chipset was aimed fairly and squarely at the consumer market. So is it not going to function?

Chipset Guide

As for your last post, it’s not clear what additional things you might have tried, but if you haven’t already create on the newer machine a user account exactly as that of the windows 98 pc. Now the controller is installed, but Intek have an exclamation mark at the root hub No parity or ECC memory support.

The CPU has to be fed data from the secondary cache as quickly as possible, and if the necessary data isnt already in the cache, the SC fetches it from main memory and tritton it into the cache.

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