Next open Synaptic and make sure you have the extra repositories enabled. The eu laptop will quite happily install from an edgy live install cd, you may require alternate cd ISO if you need any. Media Card Reader The onboard media card reader functions, without additional user configuration, after a new install of Ubuntu Gutsy. And it records video with sound as well. It does not happen with shift-somekey. If you find something to be incorrect, or have your own experience to share, please feel free to help us out.

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And it records video with pvillon as well. I found that I needed to add this 3rd option on, because without it the usbports will eventually stop functioning 10 mins or so.

InstallingDebianOn/HP/Pavilion DVSG/Wheezy – Debian Wiki

Using the arrow keys, select the top-most ‘kernel’ entry and press ‘e’ on your keyboard. If the vendor ID of your webcam is 05catry installing the driver found at the forums here http: This application has trivial problems with db6000 pixertool library that prevent it from recognizing the YUYV pixel format.

Ziul dvse Success Just install the nvidia page driver: Some new DVz’s have a new wireless chipset This is very annoying, but I have learned this is due to hardware failure and is very common h this series. The dvef model works fine with Gutsy Gibbon, but grub hangs.


For the moment, I just blacklisted the uvcvideo module and my system works like a charm. Some problems only with the nvidia driver. Hosting provided by Pagillon Area Network Darmstadt. It still happens if I disable the keypad by pushing the button above it.

Linux on the HP Pavillion dv6110us (dv6000) Laptop

It does not specifically request pixel formats that it understands, and if the last app to open the webcam configured UYVY, Wengophone won’t work. You may also try “noapic nolapic” as opposed to “noacpi nolacpi” – this fixes the issue for certain models. Failed Display If after a year ro so your display dies and computer just gives out 3 beeps and HP refuses to fix this problem have a look at http: The purpose is not to duplicate the Debian Official Documentationbut to document how to install Debian on some specific hardware.

I suggest you do this to make sure Ubuntu runs nicely on your system before making a full switch. Experiencing weird behaviour and crashes.

Almost every time I shutdown, the system gets as far as shutting down the system clock, and then it locks up. Working on Feisty 2. I put the latest Ubuntu on my old DV Sometimes there is a fatal crash with a line mentioning the Nouveau driver.


Overall Status

Hopefully this Wiki page will midem sort out some of the hardware issues that arise from this series. Wireless is not available by default.

After installing the source, use module-assistant to compile and install the nvidia module driver. Personnaly I was not able to use envy because of missing obsolete package dependencies. Report Respond to sam.

Linux on the HP Pavilion dvus (dv) Laptop

Say “Thank you” 8 A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated. Report Respond to Paddy. It will download the correct alternate ISO according to your choice.

MS Host Controller [b: NOTE I started this wiki page as much for my own reference as to help others, without their help this page wouldn’t be so comprehensive. This has always solved the problem for me, and never created other issues. The eu laptop will quite happily install from an edgy live install cd, you may require alternate cd ISO if you need any.

I installed the nVidia driver 1.

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