How to meet old friends

How To Get Back In Touch With An Old Friend Or Acquaintance |

how to meet old friends

Yesterday, an old friend of mine, one that I've known for more than 20 years and talk to online regularly but rarely get to see face to face, came. From the first high school reunion to the last September wedding, a quick coffee catch-up to a boozy brunch with old friends, summer is the. However, keep in mind that not all old friends will want to reconnect, so it is . For instance, you could ask to meet for dinner or coffee, suggest taking your.

There were several reasons for this. One, it settled the issue of figuring out a restaurant that everyone would like and that would meet all dietary requirements.

For me, however, the biggest advantage here was that I could just bring a meal made at home. I assembled a sack lunch meal in the morning with stuff I already had on hand and just took that with me.

how to meet old friends

I just made a simple sandwich, took some sliced vegetables and fruit out of the fridge, and grabbed a full water bottle. It was simple, tasty, and incredibly cheap. I wanted a cheap lunch. Another friend in the area who joined us brought a rather expensive takeout meal, one that probably cost 10 times what my lunch did.

Our mutual friends had a meal that was likely somewhere in the middle. It also allowed individual people to consider their own dietary needs and food allergy concerns. Second, it provided a setting to move around. After eating, we went on a short walk together while their child played on the playground. Since they were in the midst of a road trip, it gave everyone in their family a chance to stretch their legs and move around, which felt good.

This was particularly useful for their young child. He seemed to truly enjoy being able to run around in the fresh air for a while and he took full advantage of the playground. He even convinced the adults to join him on the playground for a while. This was the exact reason that we would often stop at parks when our children were younger.

How To Get Back In Touch With An Old Friend Or Acquaintance

It gave them a chance to run around and burn off excess energy from being in the car. It gave all of us an excuse to stretch out our bodies after a long car ride and get ready for another leg of the trip.

how to meet old friends

Third, we could linger for as long as we wanted. At the park, we were free to stay all day if we wished. My sole restriction was needing to get home before my children got off the bus; their restriction was to get back on the road so they could make it to their destination by dark.

We were free to hang out on our terms and free to depart on our terms. Another big advantage of being in a park is that we could spread out as much as we liked.

With a restaurant, you might have a large group jammed into a small booth together or at a small table. At a park, there was no such issue. People are often delighted to hear from an old buddy out of the blue. After all, you did once get along with them well enough to become friends. That doesn't happen with just anyone.

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Maybe they were considering getting back in touch with you, but felt awkward about it as themselves. Examples of ways to get back in touch with an old friend Like I said, there's no real trick to getting back in touch with someone.

Here are some ways you could do it: Send them an email or Facebook message saying it's been a while and asking them what they're up to these days.

how to meet old friends

Give them a quick, not overly general, update on what's been keeping you busy. If you feel too uncomfortable with straight up saying, "Long time, no talk, what's new? See if you can catch them logged into Facebook and send them a message through the chat system. Give them a call and chat in person, if you don't get too anxious about that kind of thing.

Go somewhere where know you'll run into them in person.

how to meet old friends

Of course, I'm assuming you want to get back in touch so you can start hanging out with them again. That means you have to invite them out. Again, you just have to ask, by saying something like, "Do you want to grab a drink and catch up? As always, if they say they can't make it, but don't reject you outright, you can try again one or two more times during the next few weeks.

Maybe you really did catch them at a hectic time and they'll be more free to get together down the road. You can also try varying the event you invite them to. For example, a guy who's become busy with a new family may not be able to meet you for drinks on Saturday night, but may be free to have lunch during the workweek.

Factors that will influence how likely an old friend is to want to hang out again Like I said, if you get back in touch with an old friend you need to be prepared for it to go either way, but there are some factors that will affect how open they'll be to restarting the relationship.

You likely won't know where you stand on many of these ahead of time, but they'll still play a part. Whether they have free time and room for more friendships People get busy, especially once they hit their mid-twenties and careers, serious relationships, and families arrive on the scene.

how to meet old friends

You may drop an old friend a line and they'll think, "Ah, it's great that Li wants to hang out again, but my plate is already full. I don't have time to fit catch-up coffee dates into the equation. And as much as I liked it when you saw each other frequently, I've already done fine without them for this long They finally have time to see their old mates.

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Logistics Friends are more likely to fall out of touch if they're not able to hang out at least semi-regularly. Emails and phones calls are nice and all, but what we really value is that in-person interaction. If you re-contact an old friend you hope to start seeing again, they'll be less open to the idea if it's not logistically feasible for you to spend much time together. Whether it's because your schedules don't match up or you live far from each other, they may unconsciously decide, "Well even if I wanted to hang out, it's not like we could, so I'm not going to invest the effort in starting this relationship up again for nothing.