How did ender meet jane

First Meetings in Ender's Universe by Orson Scott Card

how did ender meet jane

They would allow Jane to meet Malu and learn what they can from him. And seeing as no one else in my life has read the series I though I'd. First Meetings in Ender's Universe has ratings and reviews. D.C. said: I loved It is also in this story that Ender first meets Jane. The last story was. Jane told Ender Libo was killed just like his father Pipo was killed by the pequinos. . Ender told Ela to get Novinha to come to the meeting in order to save Miro.

I never bought the notion that they were empty vessels merely reflecting Ender's deep unconscious and not people all on their own.

I'm sorry, but they had their own experiences, relationships, ideas and emotions. In both this book and Xenocide, more weight is given to the theory that the descalador virus is raman than to the idea that Valentine and Peter might be. Well at least Peter got to live, as some kind of combination of himself and Ender. But Valentine was just killed. I cannot appreciate her torture and death. Jane getting a body wasn't worth the destruction of this girl. There is a prolonged emotional torture scene that goes on until Valentine "dies" and Jane awakens.

Jane's long "coming-of-age" story did not emotionally resonate with me because I was still caught up in the crappy way it came about. But no one in the book really cared.


Oh, there is some lip service given to the notion that Miro might care when he's not stricken by love of Jane. But not only was Miro the one who tore her apart, he was also the one who had the grand idea that she should give up her body in the first place.

And she was justifiably angry about that, I thought. I don't care about aiua this or aiua that, this Valentine is a person.

So when everyone just decided without her input that she had to go so Jane could have her body, and then they made it happen in such a gut-wrenching manner, I was horrified. The book claims that Jane has her memories and so Valentine is still alive somehow, but Jane still seems exactly like she always was, with no input from Valentine's personality at all except that she loves Miro, but she would anyway since she's known him so long, while Valentine ought to be mad at him at least.

Nope, Valentine was completely gone as far as I could tell, and that felt like murder to me! Ender is also given amazingly short-shrift. I thought he died without much fanfare. Why wasn't anyone trying to actually save his life? Why was Novinha trying to convince him that it was okay to let go?

how did ender meet jane

Why, he's not some doddering old man! I don't get it. Oh, wait, because as long as he lives Jane can't get a body. But it's all accomplished through lies, Novinha still loves and needs him but lies and tells him she's better off without him and he needs to let her go, and he believes that and then he's gone.

What is the value in having Ender die in such a weak manner? It's a good read. It made me think, sometimes angrily, and I love that. This book also contains the first version of Ender's Game ever published, in Analog, It's a fascinating study of the evolution of a story and a writer, coming from this good-but-not-great beginning. The story is virtually the same, but it's so much more heavy-handed It gave me a greater appreciation for subtlety, and all of that thick characterization bubbling under the surface.

In relative time on Lusitania however, twenty years had passed. Miro and Ouanda fell in love as they continued to work with the pequinos. Bishop Peregrino asked all the people of Milagre to be polite to Ender but to beware.

The Hive Queen told Ender their philotic impulse with the being on this planet is strong and she will talk with Ender when he decides that this will be her home.

He felt if the Hive Queen stayed here he would also have to stay. Mayor Bosquinha met Ender at the shuttle port. Ender was not received well by the people. No one would give him directions to the Ribeira house. Finally, it was Olhado who said he would take Ender to the Ribeira house. Ender endured himself to the Ribeira children that evening but Novinha proved to be the most difficult.

She did not want Ender there in the capacity of a Speaker for the Dead or anything. She wanted him gone. Miro and Ouanda taught the piggies all kinds of things that are against the law of the Starways Council. Today Arrow, a piggy, asked Miro for metal.

Jane (Ender's Game)

Human next brought out their treasured copy of the Hive Queen. Miro told Ouanda what a good man Ender was. He said he wished Libo had been his father. Dom Cristao from the order of the Children of the Mind of Christ is in no way threatened by the truth the Speaker for the Dead seeks. Father Peregrino however takes offense at each of the requests made by Ender. Father Peregrino had told the people of Milagre to be polite to the Speaker for the Dead but not helpful. Father Peregrino indicated that Ender was evil.

Dom Cristao and his wife were fond of Andrew immediately. Ender saw that she married Marco but she wanted to sleep with Libo and have his children. She wanted to protect Libo from the Pequinos. Ender found it ironic that the piggies killed Libo anyway.

The reason why Ender turned Jane off was because she said that he plotted his tears for the Andoras and Cirfios celibacy. Jane was distracting him and he simply turned the jewel off. Once Ender turned the Jewel back on, Jane would not answer him. He cried out to her over the ansible that he loved her and begged her to answer him but there was no response. Jane, once sentient, took her identity from the fantasy game played at Battle School years ago.

Starways prepared for an evacuation of all humans and total destruction of all flora related to humans and any evidence that humans were ever on Lusitania. This was kept top-secret at Starways. Ender met with Ela at her request at the river. There she told Ender the biggest discoveries or rather questions she had found as a xenobiologist.

how did ender meet jane

She told him how the water snakes just appear one day on the weeds at the river. The snakes then eat the weeds then simply swim down the river. There are no eggs left but the next year the baby snakes appear again. She also explained that the cabre in the compound at Milagre are only female, no males, yet they have calves — all female. It was her grandparents who had discovered a cure for the virus.

Ela also elaborated on the few biological species present on Lusitania. She concluded these species have somehow adapted to this environment after some type of major disaster. Ela thought this Descolada virus adapts as well. At home Miro wanted to know where Ender was. Ela told him he was probably home. Ender, Ouanda and Miro went to see the piggies.

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Miro and Ouanda did not believe that he was years old. Miro told them that is how humans express pain. Then all the piggies got upset because they thought they had given Pipo and Libo their greatest gift. Now they realized they had caused them pain. The piggies want star flight and told Ender the Hive Queen promised to teach them.

Ender promised he would do what he could do that would be in their best interest. Ender asked them how they make arrows and clubs and logs for their houses. Leaf-eater asked the Mothers and they gave them permission to do whatever it took to work with and teach Ender about the pequinos.

All the piggies climbed into a large old brother tree and started beating the tree talking to it.

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Then they began to sing. The tree dropped its branches and created many types of wooden tools. When the trunk of the tree fell it created bows and logs for housing. Ender, Miro and Ouanda were amazed. Mayor Bosquinha told Dom and Dona Cristao and Bishop Peregrino that Starways were copying all their files and preparing to delete them. Mayor Bosquinha told them the only opportunity to save their files was by sending the information as a message to Ender.

They all agreed and at the last minute they accomplished their task. The Mayor also knew the reason they were being punished was because of the xenologist and their relationship with the piggies. Ender spoke the death of Marcao and everyone from Milagre was there. They trusted him in the steel shop but avoided him outside of work. He had no drinking pals. Ender spoke of how everyone who heard his words was touched by this story in some way.

how did ender meet jane

Ender told them that Novinha has punished herself harsher than any punishment required by her church. The Mayor told Ender about how Starways cut off their computer data and that Miro and Ouanda were to be sent to Trondheim for a trial for treason. At the meeting, they discussed shutting off the ansible.