The features of the Gumstix Robostix are:. I don’t recommend that you use a script or use the i2c or i2c-io programs, but rather write your own C program which issues the i2c calls. Link to this page. Based near Palo Alto, California, gumstix is privately owned and operated. Since the range of the analog inputs is fixed at V, there is no need to configure the analog input ranges.

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The strategy we think we want to follow is: If you use gpio-event, it won’t consume any CPU at all while it’s waiting for an event. Clock 0 corresponds to Robostix Timer 1.

Submit feedback to Quanser about this page. You can write a script that reads the data from your gumatix and writes it into the file. Hence, set the Clock mode field to 1 to select the PWM output mode.

Gumstix announces Robostix robotics board

The Robostix driver supports duty cycles ranging from 2. You need to be careful though, since a real-time thread running in an infinite loop becomes unkillable from the shell the shell never gets any priority to be able to run. Also, it is entirely possible that we have chosen the wrong approach. SFU offers programs rkbostix the graduate and undergraduate level to approximately 25, students.


Geppetto Board Builder Design-to-Order

This will be MUCH faster than launching a program every time you want to issue an i2c command. For more information, visit http: Isn’t going to happen. Note that the i2c-io. So what you should do is write a driver, and have the driver present its data through the ‘read’ function.

Free forum by Nabble. You’d then write a user-mode app which opens the drivers, reads data from it, and writes the data to the SD card.

Robosttix PWM output frequency a. It also does lots of other stuff which isn’t part of the IRQ. But we’re not doing too bad for a couple of mechanical guys: Specify [8, 11, 14] to indicate that channels 8, 11, and 14 are to be configured as digital inputs.

Gumstix announces Robostix robotics board []

Only the PWM output clock mode is supported at present. The Autonomy Lab builds life-like machines. The connectors use industry-standard 0. For projects seeking higher speed wireless connectivity, robostix and the gumstix connex platform may be connected to the cfstix expansion board, which offers a compact flash adapter that may be driven by a wide range of WiFi compact flash cards.

Note that the Linux Verdex target must be selected to use the Robostix board, as it is connected to the Verdex board. This procedure is intended to provide a consistent time base for the Gumstix.


The Robostix driver supports 16 digital lines, which can be configured by the user either as digital input s or digital output s. The simple way to get around this is that you launch a thread which waits on a semaphore, and have the ISR signal the semaphore.

As you can see, we’re pretty confused about what we should do. Also the I roboxtix C kernel drivers i. Using approach B seems like the right thing to do from my perspective.

Here are some questions, on which we badly need advice: For example, enter 0. Set the PWM output channels field to all the PWM output channels gusmtix will be used on the board for the current diagram. Then the code that processes that command will copy the data from the variable back to the gumstix.

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