If it’s there, this time bomb can’t be disabled or circumvented, so entering a different product key to convert to fully licensed is not possible. Windows Home Server, and other products built on the same code base, are “system builder” products. After the warning, it takes us back to the ” Virtual Drive Definition ” window, but now we see our new array in the right-side ” Virtual Drives ” window. On the servers I’ve installed so far there was just the Virtual Drive, the other two are not supposed to appear. Here we see a controller with 24 1. The ” Create Virtual Drive ” option is already selected. Here, we see a list of drives, with the top two listed as ” UG ” Unconfigured, Good.

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However, should new drives be added in the future and a second array created, this will prevent problems.

No registered users and 1 guest. We’re building a new array, so in our case and most ofteninitialization is desired. The former is used on the Mx generations and the later from the Sx generation servers.

To make life easier, the controller gives you the option of performing an ” Automatic Configuration “, but we’re control freaks.

I have the same server but haven’t been able to install the OS. The first screen you will see is one that asks you to choose which adapter you want to configure. Thursday, March 15, 5: The controller, being ever diligent and terrifying, will warn you about the risks of using write-back caching only when the BBU is healthy.


In our case, rzid choose ” New Configuration ” and then click on ‘ Next ‘. Sunday, Tx1000 19, Click on ‘ Exit ‘, then click ‘ Yes ‘ and then reboot your machine. I’m kind of in favor of folks doing their own extremely obvious searches, so for good or ill I’m more likely to link to a ” Let Me Google That For You ” search, rather than a direct link to a specific search result. Thanks for the pointers. Shortly after returning to the main menu, a window will pop up telling you that the initialization has completed.

Don’t bother with yx100 serverview software.

Primergy TX S2 (raid read-only) – Fujitsu Support Forum

There were fuuitsu couple of points I was trying to make. I’ve got the same machine and installed Win7 successfully except for LAN driver. Run “installation manager” and follow the instructions. This page has been accessed 50, times.

I used the software that came with raod machine to prepare it for the OS but again the is no option for WHS Sign in to vote. Kind of suggests a faulty disk since you downloaded it, you burned it to disk yourself, so try burning a new disk or faulty optical drive. You will also note that the drives will have their activity LEDs blink for some time. So we’re going to select ” Manual Configuration ” and the click on ‘ Next ‘.


The ” Create Virtual Drive ” option is already selected. This page was last modified on 5 Juneat By default, the controller suggests RAID level 6.

Neither fujitsu nor intel provide WHS drivers. There’s a general presumption that, if you know enough to download it in the first place, you also know enough to burn it properly.

Board index All times are UTC. Now all the drives will be shown in fujits right-side ” Drive Groups ” window.

ServerView RAID Manager

This is the one I’m using, so it should be correct, but if it doesn’t work, try the other drivers in that folder. This is a little messy. And I’m not a consumer, I manage our internal network of over 20 computers so I know where the on button is.

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