Thank you again and we wish you continued success with your golf game! April 20 Last active: Toulon knew the graphics would be controversial, but trusted the input he received from tour player testing — as long as crown designs left the top line of a driver uninterrupted, they were OK with crown graphics. Taylormade Rep Jun 9, at 1: However, sceptics may say its a way of manufacturers promoting only authorised dealer sales, by relying on customers having that bit of doubt over the legitimacy of a club without a serial number, that they buy new from an authorised dealer ensuring they are buying genuine article, rather than taking the chance on a possible fake club sold elsewhere?? May 4, Last active:

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TripleGrindSole, on 06 February – Counterfeit Project X Shaft with a much brighter color of blue and a holographic sticker below the shaft band. At Global Golf, we go through an extensive process to find and eliminate fake clubs so our customers always get genuine products.

Unless you’re looking to cash in and fakw it forward- AND it appears that he wasn’t trying to scam you- If it performs the way you like, then play it and just tell people it’s a one off prototype from TM.


Did I get a fake Taylormade R1?

Taylormade – Is this real or a fake? How does it play? While the launch and spin numbers were nearly identical, the average ball speed of the R1 was Have you done the magnet test? Update on Taylormade now offers the R1 in Black…. Removable weights may not line up properly as in the picture below.

Titleist serial numbers in the past were mostly etched into the metal itself. Is it possible there could be slight variations in the paint finishing? St Helens Ebay ID: The white looks better. Callaway clubs normally have the serial numbers laser etched on and it is on one club for t1 sets.

So wonderful to find someone with some unique thoughts taylormadr this topic. I bought it for my dad for a gift, and he gave it back to me lol. Counterfeit Scotty Cameron Head Cover.

He played college golf at the University of Richmond Go Spiders! Always helps to put the mind at ease!

Putter alignment will not set up properly. Classic Name, Max Performance: We can barely believe it! Today TaylorMade, in introducing the R1 Black Driver, made what some will see as as one of the least significant announcements in company history.


Taylormade – Is this real or a fake? (Photos) – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

URNS Jun 8, at 2: So my league partner and I are headed tay,ormade the heated driving range. We’d love to have you! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hope it is a genuine one tho mate!.

Also not a good idea. Unless you ve basically been living in a bunker for the last several weeks you ve very likely already faie pictures of.

Do you like the crown graphics? If you are in the market tahlormade some used clubs, you can check out our eBay store for our selection of authentic equipment.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

This section will be dedicated to the differences between the way companies put serial numbers on their clubs and how to help spot counterfeit clubs. Yeah, e1 hats indoors bothers me much more than not taking it off to shake.

Best regards, John TaylorMade – adidas Golf.

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