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I preferred extended mode, so that way I could continue doing stuff on my laptop in other windows while the video played on the TV. Cheers for such a candid assessment, as you’ve mentioned, I’ve wzview an identical looking product under a different brand name — Q-Waves.

Is this work with windows 7? Now the laptop screen stays black when the dongle syncs to the wireless adapter on the tv — tried unplugging and rebooting but still black screen on laptop and blue on tv even though they are connected by wireless.

The information above is incorrect or conflicting. I was pleased that the audio worked so well via HDMI. Plug the little adapter into your laptop and it should automatically sync up with its partner hooked into your TV.


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Can I watch live tv transfered from pc to the big screen with this device? Thanks for reviewing this product was what I needed to hear. Hi Tony — Although there are some ezaur processor incompatibilities out there, I’m betting in all likelihood, that’s not the case here.

For full screen video, p playback etc. Is there currently a product on the market that allows you to do a similar task but goes through walls… want to hook my pc upstairs to my tv downstairs. Enjoy viewing content such as presentations, photos, HD movies, as well as full internet ezviw content including YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

I am also looking at the Roku but your review is changing my mind since I can sync with the my PC. Once I had everything plugged in, it was time to see what I could display. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat. System configurations that include more than one graphic card are currently not supported. I tested at about 10ft away and it worked great.

For grins, I tried putting some walls and doors in between the dock and my laptop, and those killed the sync off pretty quickly. Thanks Khalid and Jack. I’d suggest some kind of media streamer.


I have 2 questions. Glad we could help Robert!

Just bought my EZView at http: This page did not load correctly on my browser or generated an error. I’ve heard possibly not??

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Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product. I tested it out by visiting a number of video websites including the usual suspects, Youtube, Hulu and even Ezqir.

Review: EZAir Wireless Laptop (USB) to HDTV (HDMI) Adapter

There are 2 modes that you can choose — mirror mode you see everything on your laptop on your TV or extend mode where your TV acts as an additional, adjunct monitor.

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Thanks for the kind words Ian. Glad you liked the review!

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