Pusang Bubong Roof Cat. The V with histogram adjustment looks best among the three scans, but I’m not sure what to make of the scan, because I’m not sure whether it was adjusted the way the second V scan is. Register now We respect your privacy. Technology Excellence To ensure the finest image quality, Expression features our most advanced scanning technologies. If you recall, I had a minor reservation about Epson’s earlier model in this regard. See details for full description. I started with a selection of and 4×5 black and white silver-based film images.

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Epson Expression 1680 – flatbed scanner Series

Whitetail in the Snow. For 4×5, I would not upgrade to a new Epson. It is especially so with the included Monaco EZ Color CMS color management software, which adds monitor calibration and profiling as well as custom printer profiling. I would have been hard pressed to match the quality in my “wet” darkroom at the time the photo was taken.

Oops, it looks like the system is down. Trending Price New. Leave this field blank. In the course of expressino test work I also elson a few prints and documents.

Epson Flatbed Scanners without Custom Bundle. On the other hand, if I’ll notice the differences in viewing an 11 x 13 inch print from normal distance, then I do want to spend the money.


I’ve been satisfied with the results but have never used the scans to print anything larger than 8. Thanks in advance for any advice.

It was most evident in images with a relatively short density scale, particularly portraits and figures against a black background. Some were original transparencies, some duplicate transparencies, and some color negatives. Evaluation And Recommendations The Epson seems made for photographers who have film images in several, if not all, format sizes, and who may not have been able to afford a high-priced, professional scanner.

Key Features SilverFast Ai 6 software Offering real time processing of image manipulation and a whole range of additional features. It has no histogram adjustment. For brilliantly lit, detailed and colour-true scans.

The V with histogram adjustment looks best among the three scans, but I’m not sure what edpression make of the scan, because I’m not sure whether it was adjusted the way the second V scan is. How much difference dynamic range, or otherwise, do you think the LED light source makes?

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With the practical contour featured on this Epson flatbed scanner, you can scan a variety of documents including newspaper articles and photographs as well as anything that can lay flat. This buys you xdpi hardware resolution, the highest bit depth of 16 bits per RGB channel 48 bits in this price range, and 3.

Expression – Epson New Zealand

For the digital darkroom user, the greatest value in a letter-size flat-bed with a full area transparency scanning accessory is the ability to scan medium and large format film affordably. My next task was to use the IT-8 color references supplied with SilverFast to calibrate the scanner for both reflective and transparency scanning. If you would like to register as an Epson partner, please click here.


We respect your privacy. Linux Mac OS 7. The new scanners use RGB led’s. In addition, the inclusion of IT-8 targets and SilverFast’s utility to custom calibrate and profile the scanner for both reflective and transparency scanning is invaluable.

Your email experssion or other details will never be shared with any 3rd parties and you will receive only the type of content espon which expressoin signed up. I have not experienced any practical limit on print size – I have frequently gone 16×20″ from 4×5 or16x16″ from 6×6 cm.

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Register now We respect your privacy. The is not currently set up. Every 2 steps is 1 stop exposure difference. I recently bought a V to get by with on this Win 8.

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