Raid on entebbe ending relationship

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raid on entebbe ending relationship

Forty years ago, Israeli commandos grabbed headlines with a bold raid at Entebbe airport to free the passengers of a plane hijacked by. July 4th marks the 40th anniversary of the famed rescue at Entebbe, Just last year, a new exhibit of previously unseen relics of the raid Which hostage has a connection to an Israeli military hero almost forty years later?. Did U.S. Use Lessons From Israel's Entebbe Raid to Prep for Bin Laden For his part, McRaven's book ends with Entebbe and does not deal.

The Jewish owner of the Block hotels chain in Kenya, along with other members of the Jewish and Israeli community in Nairobimay have used their political and economic influence to help persuade Kenya's President Jomo Kenyatta to help Israel.

He was killed on 24 May when a bomb attached to his aircraft exploded. Muki Betser said in a later interview that Mossad operatives extensively interviewed the hostages who had been released. He said that a French-Jewish passenger who had a military background and "a phenomenal memory" provided detailed information about the number of weapons carried by the hostage-takers. Task force The Israeli ground task force numbered approximately personnel, and comprised the following: Ami Ayalon and the communications and support personnel.

The assault element A man assault unit led by Lt. Yonatan Netanyahu — this force was composed entirely of commandos from Sayeret Matkaland was given the primary task of assaulting the old terminal and rescuing the hostages.

Major Betser led one of the element's assault teams, and took command after Lt. The securing element The Paratroopers force led by Col. Matan Vilnai — tasked with securing the civilian airport field, clearing and securing the runways, and protection and fuelling of the Israeli aircraft in Entebbe. The Golani force led by Col. Uri Sagi — tasked with securing the C Hercules aircraft for the hostages' evacuation, getting it as close as possible to the terminal and boarding the hostages; also with acting as general reserves.

The Sayeret Matkal force led by Major Shaul Mofaz — tasked with clearing the military airstrip, and destroying the squadron of MiG fighter jets on the ground, to prevent any possible interceptions by the Ugandan Air Force ; also with holding off hostile ground forces from the city of Entebbe.

Near the south outlet of the Red Sea the Cs turned south and passed south of Djibouti. From there, they went to a point northeast of Nairobi, Kenya, likely across Somalia and the Ogaden area of Ethiopia. The commander of the operation, General Yekutiel Adam, was on board the second Boeing, which circled over Entebbe Airport during the raid.

Because the proper layout of the airport was not known, the first plane almost taxied into a ditch. The Israelis hoped they could use them to bypass security checkpoints. When the Cs landed, Israeli assault team members drove the vehicles to the terminal building in the same fashion as Amin. Air Force C Hercules parked in front.

Bullet holes from the raid are still visible.

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The Israelis left their vehicles and ran towards the terminal. The hostages were in the main hall of the airport building, directly adjacent to the runway.

'We thought this would be the end of us': the raid on Entebbe, 40 years on

Entering the terminal, the commandos shouted through a megaphone, "Stay down! We are Israeli soldiers," in both Hebrew and English. Jean-Jacques Maimoni, a year-old French immigrant to Israel, stood up and was killed when Israeli company commander Muki Betzer and another soldier mistook him for a hijacker and fired at him.

At first he pointed his Kalashnikov rifle at hostages, but "immediately came to his senses" and ordered them to find shelter in the restroom, before being killed by the commandos.

Then, they entered the room and shot dead the three remaining hijackers, ending the assault. The Israelis then destroyed Ugandan MiG fighter planes to prevent them from pursuing, and conducted a sweep of the airfield to gather intelligence.

Ugandan soldiers shot at them in the process. The Israeli commandos returned fire with their AK47s[70] inflicting casualties on the Ugandans. During this brief but intense firefight, Ugandan soldiers fired from the airport control tower.

At least five commandos were wounded, and the Israeli unit commander Yonatan Netanyahu was killed. Israeli commandos fired light machine guns and a rocket-propelled grenade back at the control tower, suppressing the Ugandans' fire. According to one of Idi Amin's sons, the soldier who shot Netanyahu, a cousin of the Amin family, was killed in the return fire.

Herded together and frightened, speaking only in whispers, they were watched over at gunpoint. And then, on the fifth day, came the separation. The hijackers, in a plan agreed with Amin, divided Israelis from non-Israelis, gathering the former in the transit hall, the latter elsewhere. The non-Israeli group were soon released and flown to Paris.

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But included in the group kept behind were some Jews who were not Israeli. The [hijackers] just pushed them to the other room, which we called the Israeli room.

raid on entebbe ending relationship

The fact that these orders were issued in German accents stirred a painful memory. And here they were, being selected by a German woman and a German man.

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Bacos and his team were offered freedom, but refused it: Time slowed to a crawl. No clothes to change into. You get used to being a hostage. As a year-old, you simply adjust. Sometimes posing as their protector, sometimes as a mediator, he would deliver long monologues, never allowing the hostages to speak.

raid on entebbe ending relationship

His sheer size was terrifying to the children.