Dynasty warriors 6 zhen ji ending a relationship

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dynasty warriors 6 zhen ji ending a relationship

Zhen Ji gathers the Dynasty Warriors in a meeting to discuss her untold Follows: 1 - Updated: Nov 6, - Published: Oct 31, - Status: Complete - id: the untold confession of my relationship with Cao Pi," Zhen Ji announced. rich bitch wanted and in the end she was the one who rejected him and I put. Zhen Ji's ending scene in Dynasty Warriors: Online has her and the player alone on a In Dynasty Warriors 6, Zhen Ji appears as one of the last lines of defense for Yuan . She develops a friendly relationship with Mitsunari in the third game. Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires retained the marriage/ love confession mechanics, Liu Bei spares Quan in 6 and Quan does so likewise in 7 so she doesn't have to shed Also in the hypothetical ending, we see the resident Rich Bitch Zhenji.

Her second Legendary Battle has her perform a similar act of loyalty in her hunt for Cao Pi. This time her husband accompanies her as she fights her way though several Wei generals. She appears in one of Zhou Yu's legendary battles, where he and Sun Ce defeat her and her sister in an attempt to win their hearts. Their plan would need a considerable amount of luck in order to succeed, but Xiao Qiao has faith in her husband and bravely arms herself for battle. Zhou Yu pleads with his wife to be careful as she escorts Zhuge Liang to his prayer location for the southern winds and defends him from various generals.

Like other versions of Chibi throughout the series, the prayer and the following fire attack are keys for victory. Xiao Qiao happily celebrates the fire attack and their victory for her efforts have pleased her husband.

Although Zhou Yu worries for her safety, it seems his fears were not needed and he thanks her. Da Qiao, who helped her during the battle, sadly remembers Sun Ce's death upon seeing her sister being praised by Zhou Yu. She cheers her sister up by saying they shall forever work together. During the third chapter of Dynasty Warriors Nextthe Qiao sisters meet their future husbands who rescue them from a pack of ferocious tigers.

Taken by their handsome looks and archery skills, Xiaoqiao asks for their companionship much to Daqiao's embarrassment. She continues to appear in every chapter henceforth as a Wu general, mostly staying at Zhou Yu's side. During Wu's ending, she and her sister are seen together with Lianshi as Sun Quan 's coronation ceremony begins.

In Dynasty Warriors 8Xiaoqiao's appearances are limited to the hypothetical story branches. She and the other women of Wu invade Xinye on behalf of their loved ones.

Her contribution to the battle is saving a panda from a group of predators, thus gaining its assistance. If the player finishes the assault on Xinye fast enough, Xiaoqiao will rush ahead of the group and meet up with Lu Su 's group in time to participate in their fight against the Sima clan.

In the expansionshe will arrive to assist her husband during his participation in a tournament between Wu's greatest strategists. In Wei's story, she appears along with her husband during the search for Cai Wenji and attempts take the pandas of the Wei forces.

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After being shown mercy by the Demon King, she and her allies join his army. Though quick to befriend new people in Orochi 's twisted world, Xiao Qiao yearns to save her husband and sister who are forced into serving the Orochi Army. In the ending for the Samurai faction, she chides the feudal lords for trying to restart their personal conflicts with one another before being gently patted on the head by Nobunaga.

Warriors Orochi 2 has her reunited with Zhou Yu, returning to the Wu forces. At Kanegasaki, with her friends Okuni and Ling Tongshe uses herself as bait to lure Dong Zhuo out from his hiding spot. Xiaoqiao remained close to her husband in Warriors Orochi 3 's original timeline. When Wu was at war with Wei, they were suddenly overwhelmed and annihilated by a variety of forces. Before their position fell, Zhou Yu pleaded his wife to escape.

Separated from her sister during the confusion, she tried to avenge her family's deaths by joining the defense at Odawara Castle, but she died fighting beside the other defenders. Kaguya and company eventually prevent this fate by gradually eradicating the serpent army surrounding the castle. Thankful for their rescue in the past, Xiaoqiao joins the coalition's cause.

dynasty warriors 6 zhen ji ending a relationship

Obtaining information on the warrior's whereabouts, she helps Ginchiyo reunite with Muneshige at Mt. Eventually, Xiaoqiao herself rejoins with her husband and family at Changban. She also appears in the " Stop Thief! Upon hearing false reports of Zhou Yu's arrival, she hastily goes to his location until the enemy entraps her with a fire attack. Fortunately, she is saved by Daqiao and the others. After Shennong and Kaguya clarify that the heroes are currently trapped in the mirror realm, Xiaoqiao accompanies the heroes to Jiangdong, where they find the crack of the realm.

Xiaoqiao remained by her husband's side when they were transported to the new world in Warriors Orochi 4. Hoping to make a gift for Zhou Yu, Xiaoqiao goes off on an outing with Masamune Date to find flowers, not knowing that her husband had cleared multiple hardships in her path. Eventually, their forces meet up and they work together to defeat the Demon army attracted by Dong Zhuo.

The maid comes to her regarding news of the Parameter Breaking Seal. Unfortunately, Xiaoqiao is in a foul mood since her husband is ignoring her. After she spars with the nervous maid to vent her frustrations, she calms down and gives her the item in question.

Her debut in the main series happened in the ninth title when the player has a Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends save file on the memory card. Despite setting numerous traps and ambushes, Sima Yi is defeated and flees to Xuchang. Sima Yi appears with his his wife and Li Dian as representatives of Wei at the banquet celebrating Sun Quan's new alliance between the three kingdoms.

With the soldiers in disarray, Sima Yi moves to help Zhang He gather the army's remains. Thanks to their stiff fight at Hanzhong, Guan Yu mobilizes his men to Fan Castle, and Sima Yi is sent to aid in the castle's defense while Hanzhong is given up. Sima Yi notes that while the prince has the same desire for peace, his methods are far different from each his father's.

Shortly after their discussion, Cao Cao passes to illness. Hoping for a more aggressive stance against Shu after Liu Bei's death, Sima Yi proposes an invasion on five fronts while Zhuge Liang is sick. To his surprise, he finds his rival well and able, and Wu's half-hearted support eventually leads to a battle between them and Wu at Guangling.

Lamenting his lord's death, Sima Yi moves to disrupt his rival's northern campaign at Tianshui. While he is victorious, false rumors and jealous officials like He Yan slander Sima Yi into a brief retirement.

Shortly after, Zhuge Liang dies in his final campaign, but so too does Cao Rui. Xingshi against Sima Yi's advice. Predictably, Cao Shuang is utterly defeated, but refuses to take responsibility of the loss and proceeds to waste the treasury on pointless hunts.

Using his trip away as an opportunity, Sima Yi takes the capital and captures Cao Shuang. While Cao curses the strategist for attacking him even though he is an official of Wei, Sima Yi responds by saying that it is exactly because he is an official of Wei that he reprimanded the man.

Cao Shuang's execution, however, leads to a great uprising at Shouchun led by Wang Ling. Breaking the man's rebellion from within, Sima Yi triumphs and returns back to Wei. While many officials cower before him, he meets his sons to talk about the late Cao Cao. Surprised that his master, who knew fully well the strategist's own ambitions, still picked him for his talent, Sima Yi notes that Cao Cao's only miscalculation was Cao Pi's early demise. Learning from their mistakes, Sima Yi urges his sons to raise worthy heirs long after he is gone.

He can join the Samurai forces during one of their gaiden stages. If the player successfully executes the two fleeing officers, therefore ruining Sima Yi's trap, he will be in awe of the coalition's genius and joins their cause. Warriors Orochi 2 has Sima Yi first working for Masamune 's army. Impressed by Shingen's tactics, he decides to accompany them. In other faction story modes, he will survive to serve Orochi X.

His dream stage teams him with Mitsunari and Masamune. The trio unite their strategies at Xia Pi to drive the coalition back. Sima Yi is first seen in the past in Warriors Orochi 3. Driven back by the coalition, he later joins the other officers in aiding the Takeda - Uesugi alliance at Shizugatakebut is defeated once again.

He fights against the Coalition a final time at Fan Castle, and after their defeat, Cao Cao allies himself with the Coalition and sends messengers to unite the other warlords. As a member of the coalition in the future, he and Masamune seek to investigate a strange rumor of a "girl within a box" within the Yellow Turbans ' possession. Their search leads to Gracia and Zhang Jiao joining humanity's cause. He also assists the coalition in locating Guo Jia 's whereabouts in the past.

Later Sima Yi and his entourage return to the past to search for Wang Yian acquaintance whose talents on the battlefield perks his interest for her recruitment. Although she is ashamed by her revenge marring his trust in her, Sima Yi is still adamant in his acceptance for her. In the downloadable stage, "Domestic Disputes"Sima Yi stops various husbands and wives from arguing and has them work together to fight Orochi. He also travels back to Fu Xi 's past, and helps assist in rescuing the Heavenly Emperor when Orochi first spawned.

Warriors Orochi 4 places him and his wife as Wei's representatives in their alliance with the Date and the Oda. After which, both parties pledge allegiance to Liu Bei's cause. Sima Yi later accompanies Liu Bei's men as they attempt to rescue Naotora and Yukimura from the strategist's children. He and Mitsuhide lead an army to rescue the Mystic Kaguya during one of the stages and manage to add her along with Zhang LiaoLing Tongand Gan Ning into their ranks.

In one of the side stages, he comes up with a plan to test his son, an idea supported by TadakatsuZhang Feiand Naotora, who want to challenge their respective children.

He challenges Zhao by unleashing ambush troops hidden around him. In one scenario, while charged with Xu Chang's protection, Sima Yi betrays Wei and leads a group of rebels. He serves as a strategist and adviser for Cao Cao. He is first seen strutting into Cao Cao's throne room midway through the game, wondering why he can't find the "great hero of the land". He bluntly ventures that Cao Cao is the cause of the land's natural disasters as they continue due to the conqueror's selfish desires.

He states that the lord will lose to Liu Bei if this continues, which gets an angered response from Cao Cao. Sword drawn to the offender, he growls for his name to which Sima Yi politely bows and introduces himself.

Cao Cao likes the sorcerer's fearless nature and recruits him on the spot. His battle strategy is one of the best ways to fend off an angry Ma Chao.

dynasty warriors 6 zhen ji ending a relationship

While he was reworking the stage, he wrote Sima Yi's quote for the cutscene where the player character taunts him to lower Wei's morale. Sho remarks that that one change solidified his personality for the rest of the series. Personality Edit Originally introduced as a calm and gloomy strategist, Sima Yi eventually became a man who is more arrogant and conniving.

Dynasty Warriors 5: Zhen Ji - To be Loved

He is known for his maniacal laughter and insulting friend and foe alike as "Fool! He doesn't truly believe in Cao Cao but is always eager to exploit every opportunity given to him.

Prideful of his intellect and believing that he has an unsurpassed wit, he regards Zhuge Liang as a worthy opponent.

In more recent titles, Sima Yi does show more genuine loyalty towards both Cao Cao and Cao Pi, deeming that the two were worthy of having him serve them. As a possible foil to Zhuge Liang's dragon motif, later games have others compare Sima Yi to a cunning wolf.

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As the series progresses, Sima Yi loses most of his original sinister aspects while his reasons for wanting to rule and welfare the land are more shined upon. Sima Yi solely believes in both true wit and talent being the qualities needed as opposed to a chosen birthright; this in turn makes Sima Yi feel that only a person such as himself can be trusted with the affairs of ruling the land.

This mainly occurs during the spin-off titles in the Dynasty Warriors series, such as the mahjong title and Dynasty Warriors 6: Recent titles has him display this feature openly with Wang Yi, or Wang Yuanjisince both women easily see through him. He is very proud of Sima Shi and Sima Zhao, though he is frustrated at the latter's lack of motivation. Sima Yi is quite fearful of his wife, as she can easily pressure him into making decisions which overall makes him rather henpecked, though he does know that she does have the best of intentions in mind.

He trusts Zhang He's versatility for his plans and relies on him during the later parts of the Three Kingdoms period.

In his debut, Cao Pi shared a loosely trusted relationship with Sima Yi, and the prince refers to the strategist by his style name in the Asian scripts, though more recent titles give Sima Yi more loyalty to Cao Pi.

Sima Yi is fascinated with Cao Pi's abilities and generally finds him a better ruler than his father.

Warriors Orochi 3 he shares additional rivalries with Masamune and Da Ji. Even in the said series, his selfish reasons for serving Orochi are not oddly shined upon in the third title.

One conversation with the aforementioned Masamune in the third Orochi installment is that he makes a direct joke to the famous myth of Sima Yi being able to turn his head around degrees, which the subject of the myth himself is greatly offended by.

The eighth title also shows that Sima Yi shares his eldest son's love for meat buns. As a dominant ruler in Dynasty Warriors 5: Sima Yi's fans are named to contrast Zhuge Liang's throughout the Dynasty Warriors series, the most obvious example being the black fan he wields as his third weapon to contrast Zhuge Liang's white fan. His fourth weapon is originally named after the Qiongqia mythical beast in legends whose name literally means "Destitute Strangeness" that may ode to its one description of its appearance being a tiger with wings ; thus, Sima Yi may be designated with the beast to contrast Zhuge Liang's nickname as a dragon.