Community debate 109 ending relationship

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community debate 109 ending relationship

Directed by Joe Russo. With Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown. Jeff reluctantly agrees to be Annie's debate partner, Britta humors . "Debate " is the best episode of Community so far, and it shows that not only can the show tell funny stories about amusing characters, but it. Community (–) is an American comedy series that premiered on NBC Economics []; Debate []; Environmental Science [] .. You don't see me saying anything crazy about Abed and Troy's weird relationship . .. Well, it ended up being quite large, this fan club, and one morning, I think it.

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We don't lie when we're alone. Nine out of ten lies occur six inches away from the bathroom mirror. We do most of our lying alone. How is it even possible to lie when you are alone? You can call a phone sex line. That's lying to yourself. No, that's just being honest with a stranger about being lonely.

Debate 109

What if you're dishonest about why you're lonely? What if you're a good-looking guy who calls a phone sex line and tells them he weighs pounds, just so he can hear a woman say she's attracted to him anyway? Well, I don't believe that happens. I did that last week.

community debate 109 ending relationship

But why would you pay a woman on the phone to think you're fat? Because I'm scared that if I were overweight that no one would like me. God, that feels good to admit! Abed, the point being The world is a sick place, full of sick, sick people.

community debate 109 ending relationship

Don't preach to me about romance, Annie. And all the while, the other members of the study group become confused and even concerned when Abed Danny Pudi begins making student-films based on the group that are so accurate, they almost seem to be able to predict future situations they will find themselves in.

The beating heart of the episode revolves around the potential growing attraction between Jeff and Annie.

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And this is one of the first episodes to show that sort-of potential dynamic between the two characters. And also show just how gorgeous Brie can become, and how deep Annie can be as a character when she both literally and metaphorically "lets down her hair" But fans can thankfully be assured that because this is Dan Harmon's "Community", it isn't going to exactly follow the same, basic, bland "romance formula" that other sitcoms almost exclusively stick to.

Here, without spoiling anything, I will say there are some great amusing moments and subversions of the idea. The humor here is a wonderful mixture of silly, broad, "belly-laugh" gags and wonderful and quite meta chuckles for harder-core fans of the series who take note of the little things and the "Easter Eggs.

At the dance, however, Duncan becomes drunk and broadcasts Dean Pelton's "dalmatian fetish", resulting in Duncan's suspension. Chang seizes the opportunity and punches him in the face with a roll of quarters.

community debate 109 ending relationship

During the dance, Britta publicly professes her love to Jeff. Professor Slater then makes the same statement. Jeff, unsure how to respond, leaves the dance only to bump into Annie who changed her mind about leaving.

community debate 109 ending relationship

After the two each share their respective conflicted emotions, Annie gives Jeff a small kiss, and Jeff responds with a bigger one as the two embrace. Casting[ edit ] Dan Harmon emphasized the importance of the cast to making the premise of the comedy work.

community debate 109 ending relationship

Though principally not very partial to sitcoms, Chase was persuaded to take the job by the quality of the show's writing.