I did some research and found out that the average word length in the English language is 4. The speed of the keyboard was especially noticeable in UT, with its double and triple tap commands and generally fast action. Most likely, your problem is due to an accumulation of junk under your key, a plunger being dislodged, or a busted hinge. Under normal circumstances this is not a problem but special care should be taken when transporting the keyboard. It also shares much with the Mac design. Itronix supplies mobile computing products to field services, telecommunications, utilities, government, aerospace, public safety, geophysical surveying, and meter reading.

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The spring action is excellent, with the keys returning to their zero positions extremely quickly.

As such I have been getting concerned as the quality of the stroke of certain keys as been deteriorating. The only part of the keyboard that I found slightly annoying for gaming was the space bar. The EluminX is a backlit elumind made by Auravision. No tools are needed for fixing the keyboard, though I would recommend having a strong light source and a thin but sturdy piece of plastic handy.

The evolution has gone from a nondescript flat board to an ergonomic split shape to fully equipped multimedia models loaded with programmable hot keys.

The Little Keyboard That Can: Auravision EluminX

The speed of the keyboard was especially noticeable in UT, with its double and triple tap commands and generally fast action. The light is always on, but it is obviously less noticeable in highly lit environments. Yes, I have cleaned it many times. The keys on an Eluminx board are held in place with two plastic pieces which are fitted together to form a hinge.


The hinge apparatus will be able to slide forward and backward about millimeters.

EluminX Keyboard Review – IGN

Secondly I have called Eluminx and requested replacement hinges for my keyboard. This hinge holds the ekuminx in place and gives it its maximum and minimum height limits. Though the board is it overall good shape some of the keys just need some refurbishing.

Firstly, the keystroke is very shallow, perhaps three millimeters compared to the six or so millimeters for a standard desktop model.

Auravision Eluminx Illuminated Keyboard – keyboard – bone, aquamarine Overview – CNET

I think the biggest weakness of the keyboard is actually the weakness of the hinges- they are very thin pieces of plastic which must be bent and, at times, forced into place. I understand that Auravision doesn’t benefit from the gargantuan manufacturing runs of Logitech or Microsoft, but it is still a big investment.

The keyboard is very legible in both light and dark situations. If a key is dislodged or not functioning properly then some simple steps can be take to remedy the situation. The size of the Eluminx makes it an ideal LAN party keyboard, and this is true so long as pressure is kept off of the keys during travel.

Hope you found this guide to be helpful and interesting. The downside to the size reduction is that several keys had to be relocated.

Between the keys are the panel is a spacer layer where the mechanism which holds and elevates the keys is placed. Gamers who use these for character control might have a difficult time adjusting to the decreased surface area.

It wasn’t a major problem at all — if it were they keyboard would be a poor choice for gamers — but the space bar is short and the edge of the case is rather high. EluminX keyboard from Auravision This patented technology was first used in ruggedized laptops developed for military use, where computing efficiently at nighttime or in low-lit environments is crucial for survival.


My keyboard has been subject to heavy use for about a year now and it is being to show signs of wear. The keyboard is very well made and smartly designed, but I imagine it’s hard to sell such a highly specialized new technology for so much.

I wasn’t looking for a replacement for my Elite, but after spending a week with the EluminX it was hard to go back to my Microsoft. It’s naturally much lighter than its larger counterparts as well. Case modders will especially appreciate the lighting. I only wish Auravision had installed a light switch.

Once you have cleaned the area or put the plunger back in place the key can be layed flat, pulled forward, and then the bottom half of the key can be firmly pressed.

This will be welcome news to LAN gamers who lug their equipment around. The rub is that the EluminX is expensive. I use WASD for movement, so it didn’t faze me at all.

Again, due to size constraints, these buttons are smaller than most.

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