Sony could have fit these but decided not to. I have a few batteries, and they might go for some months between use on occasion. Notice how it is marked mAh. So I went ahead and did some tests. Does your rig seem reasonable for this application? Turn on 1-Click ordering.

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I took apart my Fosmon batteries and they contain two 3.

Duracell go mobile otb

This way I can plug in the camera battery in the hobby charger and charge it. Non-Sony ones seem to be hit and miss. That is about mAh total which is pathetic for adding a grip. They hold the same charge mobike my sony oem. I also gutted another grip completely and I can fit at least 6, likely 8 of these batteries. I would say it lasted barely four years. I have a few older np-fw50’s, both Sony and other brands, and I’d like to test them and try to recondition them.

Sony batteries are really good and they do last long. Voltage converter 5 V to 12 V.

Amazon is also not an option for any batteries for us Canadians as the prices fot batteries and memory cards are just ridiculous on Amazon. I’ve heard many mobilee things about the Wasabi batteries and actually wanted to order 1 recently from BH, but apparently this is now a special order, I would oyb to pay additional shipping charges, etc. Some comments about the results are due. Learn more about Amazon Prime. And, is there a “refresh” equivalent for these batteries?


I just usually keep 2 extras in the camera bag. Basically, I took off the part that holds the battery, unscrewed the cover, and soldered two wires to the battery contacts. Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Mobile Phone Batteries:

It seems that they are identical but they charge a premium for the Digibuddy brand! Get to Know Us. One of the cells was dead after one charge. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment.

Currently I have no way of testing the capacity, but it seems that all Sony ones hold the charge much better than the non-OEM.

Duracell go mobile otb

All but one of the compatible batteries are brand new and the Sony batteries range in age from 2. I put the results in the table below. Don’t ask me why I did this, I thought to test different charging rates to moblle how fast a camera battery can be charged.

I can use refresh if capacity has dropped a lot, and it will sometimes bring a battery back into useable life. They all work, but it seems that for every duracelk Sony batteries, you need about 3 aftermarket ones. With the NP-FW50’s, its very hard to know their condition, because the chargers are completely simple minded, unable to discharge or measure capacity.


As for mmobile compatible batteries it seems that there is no rule as to the stated capacity and the actual one. Unfortunately I don’t have any idea what was its original capacity, and I will have to wait for a couple of years to get data on the new generic batteries. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Sony could have fit these but decided not to. I have one battery that was NP-FW50 shaped but refused to charge.

This is great information, thanks! I found it interesting and quite usable information.

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