Weapon can now be hidden on your screen only. Last edited by Charlo ; Mar 20, 6: Nicer exit on error. Effective immediately, these forums are now closed. Using group file ‘oblivion.

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Only in CVS source code form, you will have to compile it. Please see the tutorial below about screen resolution to understand the new choices about the screen resolution nkuem. You need at least one version of the GRP file.

Originally Posted by Sang. So, the main difference between the megaton edition to another release say, GOG’s one with EDuke32, aside from the 3 xpacks, is that the megaton edition has steamworks achievements and multiplayer?


He started from scratch and uses a new engine on which Ken Silverman added an OpenGL uunsupported in particular for new 3D models. Well, without being able to see your log file, a good guess is that you have a intel or sis video drivers.


Out Of Synch in demos. You can still use external con files if you like.

Whats GL Driver?

CON bytes game. I recently upgraded them and was able to play GZ-DooM and dukeplus’s startup menu with polymer, but regular Eduke won’t load it.

They were small fixes but they were really needed for the netgamers. Menu Store New releases.

This will improve your aiming accuracy. The wheel programme that becomes installed has not been validated for this computer. It is by far the most advanced Duke port overall and most frequently updated. It’s as Micky C says.

OpenGL problem – 3D Realms Forums

Will create a default one if not found and use default keys. There is NO personal arrangement in this pack, unlike the first one. Brightness step was not the same from the keys vs menu. If your opponent shoots you with the RPG, he will hit himself as much as he hits you. CAlejandro Glavic. Test them both, use the one you like: I’m using the most current version of the HRP pack, it’s installed correctly, openg am using the latest eduke32 snapshot as well.


Last edited by Charlo ; Mar 20, 6: Get any footprint calculator, for example nykem one: I map the medkit on digital axis or keys I use all the time.

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Source code is here. It is fully compliant with Last edited by FirstUtterance ; Mar 20, Using group file ‘oblivion.

Thanks for all the info guys, you’re awesome! Create a shortcut and put it at the end of the target, like this: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Demos do not turn your run mode off anymore.

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