90 things to do in a long distance relationship

+ Activities For Long Distance Relationship Couples To Do While Apart

90 things to do in a long distance relationship

We enjoyed (well, endured) a long-distance relationship for more than two Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera ($) $ Pinterest. This is definitely one of my favorite things to do in a long-distance relationship. I have been in 3 long distance relationships: 1. We were both What is stopping a person to take a decision to get married to a girl who he dated for 4 years? We had I once dated a woman in Hartford, about 90 minutes away. That was too. Communication is key if you want to make your long distance relationship work. Instead of your routine telephone conversations “spice things up,” use free.

A year after we started dating, Ben began service in the Peace Corps and was placed in the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, I lived in Minneapolis, working as an analyst for a Fortune company.

Our lives could not have been more different, but we managed to keep our relationship going despite living in what often felt like separate worlds.

90 things to do in a long distance relationship

Was it worth it? Whether or not you should stay in your long distance relationship. Every situation is different, and ultimately, only you and your partner you can decide if the relationship merits the difficulty, heartache, and financial sacrifice that come with making a long distance relationship work. What I can tell you: Ben and my day-to-days looked nothing alike.

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While he was teaching entrepreneurial classes in rural communities, I was negotiating production costs with international companies. Reading the same book gave us a relateable connection as we debated themes and empathized with characters.

Watching the same TV series, listening to the same podcasts, and reading the same news articles are also excellent activities to share and discuss.

90 things to do in a long distance relationship

Every day does not need to include an epic, heart-wrenching phone call in which you each feel a Nicholas Sparks-level connection to the other, and sometimes an excess of communication can be a bad thing. Bring Back Snail Mail. Sure, texts and phone calls are nice, but a good, old-fashioned card or letter is a better way to demonstrate caring.

It takes time to send, and that time will not go unnoticed or unappreciated by your partner.

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I learned this one from my aunt who at one point weathered a long distance relationship from Texas to England. Although cards and a mutual Game of Thrones watch can be helpful, nothing replaces quality, in-person time. Invest weekends and finances in visiting each other.

When you leave, have the next date on the calendar. Long distance is difficult, and you will both benefit from having a strong support network to help you through it.

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This idea becomes trickier when your partner is friends with someone of your same sex. Ultimately, long distance requires trust, and if you are not willing to give it, then a long distance relationship might not be right for you.

Long distance relationships are much easier to manage when you have a vibrant life outside of them.

90 things to do in a long distance relationship

Since my partner and I spend weeks apart from one another, we call and do FaceTime sessions fairly often. It helps us connect on a deeper level and explore our sensual sides and boy, do those long chats bring us even closer.

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Plan trips outside of your respective cities Visiting your partner at their home is a nice gesture. But traveling to other cities that neither one of us live in is one way we keep the spark alive. Sometimes we meet in the middle and explore a city. Do you love watching movies with your partner?

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There are some pretty amazing apps that allow you to pick out a movie, watch it at the same time, and be perfectly in sync. For example, I had no idea my partner was allergic to eggs until two months after knowing him. So, I recommend that you share it all: I talk to my partner pretty much from sunup to sundown, and I love getting to know more about what a typical day looks like for him.

However, whenever my partner and I do visit each other, we always make it a point to try something new.

90 things to do in a long distance relationship

I dive into work projects, catch up with friends, go to concerts, and take art and dance classes around the city. Chew is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Washington, D.

90 things to do in a long distance relationship

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