Those are the words of The Audio League —and there is no more respected authority for expert, impartial listening tests. Stylus moves in straight line from edge to center os in original recording. Connect antenna cable into input, and use supplied cable to connect from the output of the converter to your tv. True high fidelity realism with “space-saver” convenience and beauty at remarkably low cosL FM re. A ohm resistor has been added in series with the output to reduce the eifeot of the phase shift which might othcnvise be added to the feedback voltage due to heavy capacitive loading if a shielded output cable is used. Perhaps because it is a suite.

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In commercial installatio is, suction was used even before Jiet stylus recording. The reader may compare this kmb-190 the equivalent radio tube expression Ar with electron tubes, dynamic or static measurements can be made. Precision-calibrated like a pharmacist’s bdance.

Full text of “Audio Magazine (August )”

The en cl osed v olnmc of air, ho wove rn;L ay be re – garded as an elastic cushion which, when the loudspeaker cone is displaced in- wards, is under compression, and when the cone is displaced outwards, is in rarefaction. To prevent leaving the switch in a ny o f the test po S it io n the 0 u tp ut i shorted except in the yonMAL position. Impedance carve for the vented box or bass-reflex enclosure.


It sounds out powcrfnlly from the orchestra. The less said iibout the panel discussions that always accompany these affairs the better. Flat RIAA response without need for equalization tone controls suffice. The Post Office does not forward magazines sent to wrong desHnations unless you pay ad- ditional postage, and we can NOT dupli- cate copies sent to you once.

Talking Books are available, of eoursCj and if that source of program material is what is desired, the fourth speed is a necessity. Elsewhere it has opened the way to advances in hearing aids.

A wide variation in damping is available — there are tiiree separate returns for the v a r i a ble – dan i pi n g action, t oge th cr th a control which adjusts the damping to suit the requirements. This could be done for the switch- type tone control without increas- ing the maximum impedance at the grid of the tone -control amplifier tube beyond 1 megohm because of the elimination of the 1-megobm bass -control potentiometer.

The important r parameters are as follows: All is far from gold audiosnic at the auriosonic register where it all looks alike. Use the convenient coupon today!

It is usually undesirable to have this higher than the frequency givon by the above expression. Re- cords disc5 up to l3Vi” diameter. Posted on Jan 02, We eventually reach a poijit where the cathode is incapable of emitting any more electrons, and further izicreases in grid voltage can cause no furtJicr change in plate current.


Tlic seven general nicniber. Two months after the conference, the ban performances of the Big Four was gr: Wliile the origin;iI jnodel of the Criterion tuner was reporter!

Audiosonic Kmv 190

It is also interestixig to note hoM’ tig-htly the pro- moter jazz-type musician has chnnped onto these blowouts. Before discussing what this is, it might be well to review the need for u baffle. With the audkosonic control in the nio: The author finds that an average of two or three db variation between the switch akdiosonic is just about right to give slight but noticeable changes of ton ‘ quality. Optimum performance combined with highest permanence.

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But large diaphragms are inconvenient and heavy. Equipped for ityl us- pre IS ure aJj mhn eni.

The tape input js controlled by a slide switch which connects tlie output of the tape recorder to the high-level input so that it may be used to monitor while inakhig recordings on a omv-190 nnnchine, as well as for playbacks from the more common two-head mathincs.

Cross secMon of closed box.

The perfect disc for every recording need. I ate It up.

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