How to get to the server. Playlists in Pro Tools. Logic Keyboard Shortcuts default. How to make your GFT musician mixes. How to Log Into Zumocast.

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How to make big time signatures in Sibelius. The Rhodes Electric Piano. To rename, double-click on the qudio and enter a new name. Wk 3 – “Cop that Sound” Mix. Wk1 Spring – Cop that Sound.

How to use the IAC Driver – MFA Lab

How to send files. Pro Tools – end of year review Comparison of Sunni and Shiite Islam.

Thats of Hindustani Music. How to make a click track in Logic. How to use the IAC Driver.

Logic Pro Help

How to Log Into Zumocast. The Interface and signal path.

How to make a tutorial. Scoring III tempo assignment. Global Folk Instruments Info. Synth Secrets [from Sound on Sound]. Pitch alteration in Pro Tools. Scoring IV – Blows.


Final Instrumentation for April 1 Recording session. Logic Keyboard Shortcuts default. Past assignments I’m working on them!

The Logic Tape Delay Trick. How to import and setup a video in Logic.

From Logic to Pro Tools. Simple Tabla Strokes bols. Basic Synth Sounds Cookbook.

No IAC Driver in Audio/MIDI setup – Logic Pro Help

How to use Side Chain Compression in Logic. Wk 2 – Mixing Assignment. Ultrabeat – the most ultra beats in Logic! Week 6 Magic Magi Mix. How to use Jack. How to make your GFT musician mixes. How to slave Pro Tools to Logic. Exporting instruments from Logic. Anatomy of a channel strip. Vienna – due Tuesday at 1pm.

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