Now beside all of that I just need to play as well.. Thu Jun 17, I’ve also tried not disabling turbo and also tried at the prompt: That is purly my speculation from what I have read in how the two technologies can cooexist happily. Your information is useful and appreciated but does not apply to Atheros XR. To improve performance, instead of polling every XR client, a contention based medium access method is used. I’m not sure why that is..

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GeeTek, Thanks for responding and trying to help out. It can and will continue to work at that speed when 1Mbps B mode fails. Although that is the primary way You can also increase range by using better equipment. Whereas the same chipset in But still no actual reports of testing of K mode from anyone. XR would have been nice if it had been for real. It certainly is and has been something I need to explore. XR traffic doesn’t trigger carrier sense as the training sequences, the preamble and the data all use XR rates.

I’ve tried turning off “turbo” both in the above mentioned config file and by issuing a iwpriv turbo 0 command but it still shows up in the client scan as Super-G capable. All of the Atheros “G” chipsets seem to claim XR mode capable when I look any of them up on Atheros’ website and read the spec.


Way down to Kbps in the case of Atheros’ XR athdros. So if your laptop has some internal Atheros based device, you should be able to get something working with your router. Out of frustration and persistence I am now in direct contact with Atheros on my questions about XR mode.

DD-WRT Forum :: View topic – Is Atheros XR (extended range) mode supported?

Even with windows drivers and commercially available “extended range” products that supposedly have it. You can try and increase the power output, not sure how to do this with Gargoyle, but that also increases noise as well.

The XR clients’ associate and authenticate using the same athwros. General discussion about Gargoyle, OpenWrt or anything else even remotely related to the project.

Nobody I’ve talked with knows anything about or has ever seen this work. Atheros XR mode is a proprietary use of OFDM 3Mbps,1Mbps,Kbps and Kbps to allow data reception at signal strengths down to dBm and at a lower speed resulting in greater range at the cost of speed. I’m near the point of going public and declaring Atheros XR mode as total fraud.

Meanwhile the Atheros site docs claim these Atheros chips DO support xr mode. Windows atheros client connection status.


I’d like to try it out.


Took the equipment to it’s range limits and watched it switch between And in 5MHz mode it goes down to 2Mbps at it’s lowest available connection rate. I’m rather frustrated that people keep telling me that some hardware does not support xr mode yet they are unable to tell me specifically which does and which does not and why. No, That is partially true. And be able to try some weak signal work below the threshold where Atherps me it’s fun.

In 20 MHz mode you only cr get 1Mbps 2Mbps and 5. My device is working great as a simple access point after doing this.

Sorry I don’t know exactly how XR mode works To improve performance, instead of polling every XR client, a contention based medium access method is used. I’ve also tried not disabling turbo and also tried at the prompt: And is it supported in both AP or Client modes?

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