Thank you it is really appreciated. The only thing i changed on the system was installing Titanfall 2 via Origin, so that might have something to do with it. Updated notes about Windows 10 compatibility. I changed my mind…. BTW Please use the Reply button on the right of the comment you are replying to.

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I found out about uni xonar drivers after making the switch to win10 and searching online. Still waiting to hear from a knowledgeable person.


ASIO has the benefit of bit matching. Michael 20 Mar Analog outputs go straight to power amps. My DAC supports 24 bit.

Standalone applications for changing settings or enhancing audio: February 19, I’ll have to check on the bit depth with ASIO. Vin 24 Dec asjs Can someone help me to configure it for corsair void stereo headset? It is suggested you look for an update for the following driver: I’m running the latest drivers and have no issues with crackling or anything.


CarvedInside 01 Apr But anyway, set both the same level, might not work awus 32, so I think 24 is enough. How to uninstall v1. Surely donating is not the only way you can support this project.

Please provide the following information: Home Download Purchase Support Company.

Asus Essence ST Asio fix and questions

I changed my mind…. I listen exclusively to classical music and find that stereo positioning is more precise and the bass seems slightly deeper with these drivers. You can set your output to 5. How to set a special use case up for which I could not find any tips on the site. Any idea unjfied this all ties together and how the final bit depth is determined?

Gislon on June 17, What about Wasapi Event style? Hi, I have a similar problem. Obviously one for the JRiver core support guys. Did everything what people says — edsence off internal soundcard on motherboard, unistall all drivers from them and Nvidia, clean setup with original drivers from Asus and UNi with no result.


CarvedInside 24 Mar I will have a look how to proper install them. Hi everyone, I thought I will post my tips on how to get unixonar drivers work Forum Getting Started Purchase Support: I have also used the official ASUS beta drivers.

Serhat 05 Mar If I’ve read the post above correctly, that’s becuase the auto sample rate switch only works with ASIO – is that right? Leave a Comment Cancel.

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