Yui and ayato relationship

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yui and ayato relationship

Kanato Sakamaki / Azusa Mukami / Yui Komori【Diabolik Lovers More Blood】 Wattpad, Reiji Sakamaki, Diabolik Lovers Ayato, Tomura Shigaraki, Vampires. Ayato x Yui is the term used to refered to the romantic relationship between Yui Komori and Ayato Sakamaki in Diabolik Lovers. Yui first encountered Ayato sleeping in a couch located near the main entrance hall of the Sakamaki mansion. Ayato first drank Yui's blood when she failed. Anonymous said: Among all the relationships presented in Diabolik Lovers, do you think Ayato and Yui's the healthiest? Because, even though.

He at first stands there and watches, but soon he had a flashback about his past and after that he finally jumps in to help Yui. He grabs Yui by arm and kisses her, after which Yui wakes up. He then smells her from neck to shoulder and then bites her and suck her blood underwater. After that he pulls her out of water and tells her that her blood is flowing in his body and it totally overwhelms him. Yui then pleads him to make it stop, after which Ayato leaves and tells her thats enough for today Episode 3 Edit After dinner, Ayato out of nowhere appears in Yui's room when she is checking the diary she found in the abondoned room and demands that she let him suck her blood, but Yui tells him that she can't right now as she is feeling dizzy and was about to take a bath.

Ayato gets mad and violently gives her kiss marks on her neck and chest. He then tells her to go take bath as he don't want to take any troubles before she leaves he tells her to not keep him waiting or else he will punish her. Later after Yui comes back from bath, Ayato tells her that she is late, as he has been waiting to feed on her from long time. Yui tries to stop him but he tells her to just submit to his feeding.

As he is about to bite her neck, he see's that she has already been bitten by someone. At first he suspects its Reiji but then realizes that it had to be Shu. He then goes to game room where Shu is sleeping on couch and angrily asks him if he is trying to pick a fight with him. Shu doesn't responds at all which makes Ayato even more angry so he challenges him a game of dart and Laito tells them the prize will be Yui.

Shu at first rejects and tells Ayato that he couldn't care less about her at which Ayato gets angry. After a harsh remark from Reiji, Shu finally agrees to play. Shu wins the game and gets Yui as a prize which makes Ayato extreamly disappointed. Episode 6 Edit Ayato makes a brief appearence in this episode when Kanato is strangling Yui. He tells Kanato that Reiji is looking for him at which Kanato releases Yui.

Yui thanks Ayato but he tells her not to get any wrong idea and then he holds her neck to drink her blood but stops and tells her he is not into it today because he's tired. When Kanato is crying about the bat getting away, Ayato and Laito assure him that they can catch it again.

Just as they about to go again, Ayato is called by his mother Cordelia. She was wondering if this is where he was and tells him to come with her. He asks why Kanato and Laito get to play while all he gets to do is study. She then yells at him asking how many time must she tell him that he is the successor and does he even understand what that means then she wants him to tell her what he must do.

Ayato lowers his head and says that he must become number one, and must become better than anyone. Then Cordelia asks what happens if he fails.

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Cordelia then calls him a good boy and that he is worthless to her unless he is number one. She then says that worthless boys must spend eternity at the cold, damp bottom of the lake, all alone where no one can help them.

Later on, Ayato wakes Yui up. She asks where they are and he tells her that they are in the underground waterway. He notices the cut on her finger and asks what happened to her hand. She also wonders how she got it and then she has a flashback of her trying to pick up the rose. Ayato tells Laito to step aside when he corners Yui and he bites her. Ayato allows Laito to bite after that.

yui and ayato relationship

Ayato looks at him and get annoyed and he pulls down the left shoulder of her nightgown and bites her. In the final scene, Ayato is sitting on a ledge looking at the rain.

Episode 8 Edit Ayato appears with Kanato behind Laito. Yui asks what their mother's name was and Ayato says "Cordelia. Ayato says that it's a shame that these clothes are ruined and he really liked his shirt. He says that the clothes are soaked in her blood and then licks his hand. He says that her blood is sweet and licks her hand again.

He says that her blood is delicious and says he wants more. Later on when Yui is in her bed, Ayato suddenly appears on the bed but he doesn't want her to look at him. When she tries to protest, he puts his arm around her and puts her back down and tells her not to disobey him. Episode 9 Edit When 'Cordelia' awakens, all the brothers feel it, Ayato especially.

He is sitting on the couch in the entrance hall when he feels it. He goes into Yui's room to see if she is there but he finds her rosary discarded on her bed. He picks it up and clenches it.

yui and ayato relationship

Episode 10 Edit Ayato appears behind the two and asks what's going on. After Cordelia leaves, Ayato asks Richter what he did to Yui. At the dock, Ayato walks up behind her and she asks what he will do now; will he kill her again?

He responds by saying that he used to be a bad swimmer. But she just says that as he should know, she is an excellent swimmer. Up above, Ayato tells her to get lost and walks away but stops when he hears Yui say his name. He sees Yui manage to get hold of the dock. Back on dry land, Yui asks why she was in the lake and this dress. Ayato just looks at her then gets closer. Yui says his name again but he tells her to just be quiet because his body is unbelievably parched and wants her blood then bites her.

His smirk widened at her shocked expression, his fangs glinting in the light coming from her lamp.

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Ayato's smirk only widened. His plan backfired when she found out and tried to take them back. This resulted in him throwing them out onto the muddy ground.

Now Yui was forced to wear her spare night clothes, which were given to her a few years ago by an old friend. The sweats were perfectly fine, but her shirt was a bit uncomfortable for her. It was a deep v-neck and was a bit see through. In the lamp light, one could see the lining of her bra.

yui and ayato relationship

Ayato chuckled, wrapping an arm around her waist. She bit her lip, feeling his tongue glide along her skin, a blush rising to her cheeks. He chuckled quietly, kissing her ear. She didn't really submit herself, but she couldn't deny she wanted whatever he was about to do.

Yui took a moment to set all of her papers back in her folder before sliding the folder back into her bag. She switched off her lamp, making the room become one with the night.

She squeaked lightly when she was suddenly picked up by Ayato, being carried to her bed. She blushed deeply when he threw her down, climbing on top of her. I know what you're thinking. Yui tilted her head slightly, her blush growing stronger. Yui winced, biting her lip to keep quiet. The same feeling of heat spread through her in seconds as her blood was sucked, her hands gripping his shoulders. She gasped lightly when his hands slid under her shirt, trailing up her body teasingly.

Ayato smirked against her neck, his tongue dancing along her skin as her blood pooled into his mouth. Yui squirmed under him, feeling hot and needy. Yui blinked and looked up, a bit surprised by the random question.

Ayato grinned slightly, his eyes lighting up at her answer. Laito and Kanato said they'll be there, and Reiji said he'll make Subaru and Shu go as well. However, a grin was still on his face. Yui continued smiling and looked forward as they walked in silence to their next class. The game was going to start in another hour, so she had just a few minutes before she needed to start heading back to the school gym.

The others were at other places in town, making it unable for her to drive down there. Grabbing her phone, she sent a short text to Ayato to tell him she was on her way and walked out of her room. She was out of the mansion in thirty seconds, heading down the street towards the school.

It would take quite awhile, so she went ahead and pulled out her earbuds to listen to music. After another twelve minutes of walking and bobbing her head to the beat of her song, Yui started to feel an unsettling feeling in her chest. It seemed like someone was watching her. Yui looked around, her footsteps slowing just slightly She pulled out one of her earbuds, turning in a full circle.

She rolled her eyes at herself. Her hair swept forward as something went passed her. She tried to scream but a hand covered her mouth and eyes. She struggled in the vampires' holds, feeling multiple hands grabbing her. Ayato jumped up, thrusting his fist into the air when the score went up by three, putting them ahead of the other team. His team surrounded him and cheered, jumping up and down while chanting their team's name.

Ayato grinned and looked back at the stands, spotting his brothers clapping with the crowd. Only Laito was cheering and jumping up and down while Shu was the only one who looked like he didn't know what was going on. Ayato's grin faded when he noticed Yui wasn't there, his jumps slowing to a halt. Bitch-chan didn't show up. Reiji said he called her, but it went straight to voice mail. Ayato looked back at them, green eyes flashing. She opened her eyes slowly, looking around the dark room.

Whatever she was laying on wasn't too comfortable, but it wasn't the floor. She closed her eyes again, her head pounding. Her eyes adjusted to the dark, discovering she was in a small empty room. The only thing in here was the small bed she was laying on.

She sat up slowly, whimpering softly when her headache became worse.

Yui Komori

Her back hit a strong chest, another hand grabbing her shoulder. She looked up shakily, her eyes large when she spotted the last person she ever wanted to come across.

Let go of me! You have no right to tell me what to do, Livestock. You're our prey now. She knew it was a bad move, but she was too pissed off to care. Ruki bared his fangs and pinned her wrists to the wall, bruising her skin. Yui screamed in pain, her body twitching in pain.

yui and ayato relationship

She couldn't feel her neck anymore, nor her hands. She gasped and struggled in his hold, tears escaping her eyes.