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Since watching Fluttering India with an amazing cast, I realized how sweet and cute the relationship between Suho and Minho is:heart_eyes. SHINee’s Minho and EXO’s Suho recently opened up about their close friendship and the memories they shared with one another as trainees under SM Entertainment. When Minho expressed his desire to be Suho’s roommate to the producers, he shared, “When we studied abroad in. Minho placed my food in front of me, taking a seat across from me. He noticed there's still a lot to be done to rebuild trust and relationships within the group and wants everything to go perfect I have tried to get Suho back.

Everything has lost its bright, colourful beauty to me. The thought of Kris bouncing from Xiumin to whoever he chooses next only made my stomach twist.

Minho had his arms under his head as he looked up at the sky, the clouds were quickly passing by. The stress will eat you alive, no matter who you are.

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But, I think you may be reading too much into this whole thing. Kris has always seemed to only desire you. If you could see the way he looks at you when you're not paying attention. Even before he left, he would look at you like he was seeing his entire world before his very eyes.

I didn't know how to respond. I tucked my knees under my chin, tilting my head a bit to face him.

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My own faith in not only myself, but my band mates has been tested a lot these past few weeks. I was feeling weak and have no idea how to regain my strength. Minho nodded his head and yawned a bit. Hear him out and go from there. Now, let's go get something to eat before I walk you back to your dorm. Taemin and Key are going to get mad if I'm late coming home. We are supposed to have a movie night while the others are visiting family.

I reached for the handle, freezing as I heard something crash on the other side. I quickly opened the door, finding the other members in an uproar among each other. Tao was hiding behind one of the love seats as another plate flew across the room. Tao hid behind the couch with Luhan, Chen, and Lay. Baekhyun was peaking from the kitchen pantry, unsure if he should dart for his room or stay where he would be temporarily safe. Suho pinched the bridge of his nose as Chanyeol army crawled his way to him.

Luhan stood up and tried to make his way to the other two who were the main cause of the mess. Kris pinched the bridge of his nose and motioned for Baekhyun to come out of the pantry to run to his room. Baek quickly bolted for safety, barely missing Xiumin's throw as another plate shattered next to Kris' head.

I didn't do anything to you and neither did he! Luhan managed to shove Sehun away and retreat back to the others behind the couch.

Sehun got up and now had his eyes fixed on Xiumin, "why am I even on your side right now? Taking in a deep breath, he collected himself. Tao peaked from behind the couch, "he never cusses or even comes close to being this way… We are really in trouble this time. I expect so much more from you, Xiumin. You are the oldest, act like it. The other three soon joined, the six men cleaning up the disaster zone, not saying a single word to each other. We will discuss it soon.

For now, I think you should relax in here until everyone is finished cleaning and no longer all riled up. It's not our fault we are hurting right now. I looked at Xiumin, realizing he was glaring at me. I tried to look away and get back to cleaning. Seeing Luhan slowly make his way towards Xiumin caused every part of me to begin to ache. He's been so distant now and I already have a feeling we are going to come to an end.

I sighed and made my over to Tao, "I'm sorry. For doing this and trying to hurt you. He looked a bit hurt that I was apologizing to my ex instead of him first. I am already setting this fate in stone and I don't even want this to come to an end. I'm letting my emotions get the best of me. I threw the broom down and grabbed him by the hand, dragging him up to the rooftop so we could talk. We need to figure this out. I don't want to lose him, but since his return, I know Xiu is slowly winning him back.

Tao's POV I watched the broken couple storm out of the living room and disappear. Xiumin was clutching onto dust pan, his knuckles turning white. I wasn't too sure what to do. I'm usually the one who is the cry baby of the group, but this has been out of control. I reached forward, wrapping my arms gently around him. Why am I so worried about Sehun… I kept looking at the door, wanting to go comfort him, but I stayed with Xiumin, letting him fall apart in my arms as the other two finished the last bit of the cleaning.

Lay gently rubbed Xiumin's back and looked up at me, "I'll take him from here, he needs to go lie down.

You and Chen can watch t. The manager thinks we need some more time to try and get back in the swing of things. He noticed there's still a lot to be done to rebuild trust and relationships within the group and wants everything to go perfect for our first concert as the whole group again. Even though I'm stressed out of my mind and just want things to go right for once, I have to admit I'm relieved he is giving more time before we actually have to perform.

Minho gently reached across the table, holding my hand in his. Stay strong and continue to work hard. Your group will start to do better, I'm sure. If you want, we could see if we could try and help out. We will see how it goes for now.

I think he will be giving us another few weeks or maybe months to prove we can pull it together. He was out with Lay and Chen, so I figured I would enjoy having the room to myself. Kris came in, sitting down on his bed. He was glued to his phone, a small smile on his face. I wanted to rip his eyes out or at least punch him. I didn't realize I was glaring at him this entire time until he was looking at me. You look like I flushed your pet fish. I rolled over, facing the wall to ignore him. I thought I had won, but was only mistaken when he grabbed me, rolling me over to face him.

What has you so upset recently? You fucking took Xiumin from me! Instead of getting Mommy back you decide to go after my squishy chipmunk instead! He sighed, looking directly in my eyes.

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He fell back, holding his nose for a moment. He laughed and stood up, grabbing a handful of my hair and yanking me towards him. I have tried to get Suho back.

I keep trying, but as far as I know right now, he would rather be with Minho. Xiumin has been convinced you really don't want him and we just happened to end up together. If you want him bad this badly, then fucking take him back from me. Go to him, right fucking now and take him! My body was still shaking, so much adrenaline pumping throughout my entire body.

What kind of mess is this? I bolted through the door, heading straight to Xiumin's room.

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I didn't bother knocking and threw open the door, slamming it shut behind me. I dropped down to my knees in front of him, gripping onto his knees, keeping him in his spot on his bed. I love you, I always have and I promise you, I always will! I want you back and want things to be right between us again. I left Sehun because I want to be with you again.

I will do anything, please, Xiu. I love you so much. Let's make things right again. His hand gently rubbed the side of my face.

I leaned into his touch, slowly letting myself indulge in the feeling of him show so much tenderness towards me. I'm, I'm so sorry, but we can't make things right again… You ripped me apart. Then seeing you with Sehun, it only made it worse. Believe me, I wanted you back so bad, but things change. I am with Kris now, and I have realized you are aware of this. I'm sorry I did not say anything to you sooner, but I'm going to give it a chance with him.

We are both hurting and I think we will help each other out, a lot. I still care a lot for you and will be here for you. I had the chance, and now look where I am.