Meruem and komugi relationship questions

I have a feeling that their relationship was far deeper than I'm thinking it to be, I'm sure somebody has an in depth answer, but was Komugi the. There is a major tipping point for the Chimera Ant King during this arc, it is undoubtedly his fateful meeting with Komugi, a blind girl who has no other talent than. In fact, my favorite character is Killua Zoldyck and Gon Freecs, so here is the reason why I w Meruem and Komugi (Hunter x Hunter ).

We are just as likely to experience a scientific breakthrough as a scientific disaster as such. This also reminds me of Parastye.

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An anime I recently watched where these alien-like creatures invade the bodies of humans and infiltrate the governing bodies with ease. Every menace with the power to destabilise us, will use what we have already built to overcome us. The technology we have used to take us so far, can become the weapon that is our undoing. The Chimera Ants evolved very quickly by imitating humans but eventually this backfired. Human individuality made them turn on each other, creating cracks in their defenses that allowed the hunters to fight back.

The more human they became, the more vulnerable.

How has revealed a fatal flaw in our own existence? Is our diversity hindering the human evolution? The ecology of the Chimera Ant is focused on the endpoint of all evolution… on me.

meruem and komugi relationship questions

Humanity, with its messy diversity… its individuals… never had a chance. Although maybe there was some truth in what he was saying? And to incorporate not just the physical but intellectual traits.

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Surviving by passing on our intelligence onto the newer generations, producing offspring and workforce more adapted to their current and near-future conditions of their environment.

Why have we stopped evolving? Meruem questioned our hierarchical systems referring to how we allow less talented minds to rule us. It is reasonable and ethically human of us to demand a fairer society. One that has human rights, equality and balanced representation in positions of power.

meruem and komugi relationship questions

This is what political movements have been fighting for centuries. But my question is that whether this hindering us from evolving by no longer elevating the most talented to the top of our hierarchies? Are we maximising the intelligence within our societies in order to go onto better things? I believe in diversity but I do question the idea of status quotas.

I do question putting people into powerful positions in the name of diversity. Following their final game together before the Palace Invasion strike, Komugi asks the King a fateful question. It is this very question that puts everything he knows about himself, his life and his feelings into question. Without a name what identity do you have? Why does he make this decision?

Is it because he has yet to defeat her in a game?

Was Meruem’s criticism of humanity valid?

No it is something more than that, he has begun to feel something, a feeling he is yet to fully grasp, he is in love. This girl has challenged him intellectually and emotionally and altered his entire perspective on life as he knew it, she may be fragile, she may be only good at playing Gungi, but whether he understands it or not, he is in love with her.

With the devotion of his Royal Guard, sacrificing a portion of their own lives in exchange for his, the King lives on, yet he no longer remembers Komugi or anything that has taken place at the Palace. Her name evokes the feeling of a paradise where just she and him alone reside. He returns to his senses and the inner struggle mentioned earlier between the Ant side and the Human side is concluded. Both sides are one in the same. There is a bit of a monster in all of us, but conversely we are also capable of genuine humanity.

komugi and meruem final moments pt 1

This idea is captured perfectly through the Chimera Ant King, a character constantly in a struggle within himself between his own personal light and dark. Revealing that he has in fact been fatally poisoned during his fight with the Chairman, the King decides that he wants to spend his final moments with Komugi.

He desperately seeks her out and comes head to head with Palm Siberia who allows him after some persuasion to see Komugi, under her watchful eye at the very least. For the King, the real war was always within his own heart, but here we see him surrender to it completely.

meruem and komugi relationship questions

He is in love with Komugi and with her he is found.